October 7, 2009

Porktoberfest Day 7: The Redemption Edition

Brauhaus Schmitz is in print all over the place this week as Laban and Erace both gave their skinny on the South St's Schnitzel.

Yesterday I was reminded that the Brauhaus should certainly be included in Porktoberfest.

Pork is all over the menu and its only 5 blocks from my house. So when the unavoidable "coma de cochon" hits, the brown couch calls...and the stumbling distance is doable.

But what to have? Do I have the schweinshaxe that Laban referred to as porcine beauty?
Or do I have their on-again off-again (as in menu appearance not quality-its mentioned as a special) Pork Chop that makes all others pale?

As much as I love Pork I never get chops when I go out to eat. I try to avoid the inevitable dryness. Sometimes they seem more like a weapon to beat a sarcastic Lance with more so than a main course.

Coming of age my dear mother was an awful cook.
Her top four most frequently "prepared" dishes....
1) she'd throw a chicken/ pork chops in the oven and throw 4c bread crumbs on it
2) Ham with canned potatoes (and we'd eat that ham every night) Dad would try and get creative with it....mom just threw cold slabs on plates and screamed "d-i-n-n-e-r!!!" upstairs
3)Fishsticks and canned stewed tomatoes (as you may have guessed I hate canned veggies now)
4)salmon. It wasn't just for Fridays in Lent...its was all the freaking time. Our 441 homestead was keeping fisheries in business.

The Chop-=-=-
My dad is a sauce guy. So now I'm a sauce gal. But there was no sauce needed in addition to the wonderfully delicate yet flavorful Aventinus au jus on the Pork Chop I had last night at Brauhaus Schmitz.

Doug Hager explained to me that there are different qualities of pork just like beef.
This one had a higher amount of marbling. The effect is an increase in flavor and juiciness... A bit pricier....but who cares when you're slicing into pure pig magic.

I haven't referred to pork as magical since an Iron Hill Dinner in 2007.
But this was magical.

Hager promised I wouldn't need a "steak" knife and I didn't.
Throughout porktoberfest-a variety of pork has been featured in a variety of ways-=-but we've yet to have good old-fashioned Pork in its simplest form... the Chop.

I wish my Mom didn't live in Apache Junction, Arizona so I- I mean Chef Jeremy Nolen- can show her what's up-=-=

I will call though- and let her know that 18 years later- the pork chop has the promise of redemption at the Brauhaus on South St.

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  1. Let me say, the pork chop thingy-mabob at the Cantina in south Philly is stunningly delish, especially if you're a sauce gal :D