October 8, 2009

PorktoberFest Day 8: At the Ballpark

I got an unexpected invite from Megan Maguire to the kick off game of the NLCS.
I had planned on getting some pig at the ball park. I knew I wasn't going to get hot dogs.
I haven't been able to eat a hot dog at the ball park since a dollar dog day of last season.
I got 2. One was brick red and the other was a pinkish gray. From the same kiosk!

Megs actually got tickets from Doug Magee of the Blue Ox. They were hall of fame level so we had some better options for eats. I think she wanted the chicken sandwich but I talked her into Pulled Pork Sliders.
The buns were very soft which i like. They were served with coleslaw and kettle cooked chips. The sandwiches themselves-=-=not awful. But Not delicious. Actually a tad reminiscent of those micromagic sandwiches of the 80s.

The game was awesome. We started off with Pikeland Pils. Then had a plastic bottle of Anchor Steam. I like the Liberty. I love the porter. Just can't get into their classic flagship.

We ran into Bishop Collar proprietor Jeff Keel on our way out...
He was in good spirits. He's pictured here with a dishwasher salesman. I forget his name.

We met for a post-game celebratory drink at the p.o.pe.
They were pouring Sinebrychoff porter on draft.
I skedaddled out of there to second street's Khyber were the Ryes Above event was going on. In bed by 1 to be fresh for my big day in the Garden State. More on that later.

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