October 9, 2009

Porktoberfest Day 9: More cured meats...Pepperoni

As I type this, my stomach is going through it.
On the 9th day of Porktoberfest, I present you with pepperoni rolls in Queen Anne, New Jersey.

I was visiting our number one bar in the Garden State, Andy's Corner, when I was starving around 6 pm.

Andy's is the best-but the only food they serve is popcorn and pretzels. Barb and George's signature move is actually putting the pretzel right on your drink.

You are, however, permitted to bring in any food of your choosing. I went with proximity and chose Papa's pizza next door.

Although I hardly ever get pepperoni pizza...I figured it was mandatory since I've dedicated my stomach to Pork for 16 days. It reminded me of Lance's mom's pepperoni bread...but not nearly as good.

Take a garlic knot- add cheese and pepperoni and there you have it. It was actually pretty doughy which I appreciated but overall it was greasy as hell and I'm still sick.

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