October 10, 2009

Porktoberfest Day10: ROAST pork @ "the Collar"

Peter Mucha wrote an interesting piece for philly.com back in May.
He brings up the debate-=- is the cheesesteak Philadelphia's best sandwich?

Lance would say yes.
I say no.

I'm going with Roast Pork...some sharp provolone maybe spinach, maybe hot peppers.

A trip to Fairmount's Bishops Collar yesterday presented me with a Roast Pork Sandwich in a sesame bun.

It was a mere $6 with fries. I actually took a glance at the whole menu- unfortunately it doesn't have a lot of pork- but most items are under $7. Where else you gonna find that? Khyber.
But where else besides there? They did however have a lot of Turkey on the menu -which may have inspired a Turkeyfest of sorts in November.

Bishop's offers up good eats, and great drafts. Yesterday they had on Blind Pig, and Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout. Yards was a local on, but I am not sure if I saw any others.
I'll be writing a story on this- kind of a Where have all the locals gone? slant for PW in a few weeks. Sure I work for a local brewery but I am going to approach the topic from all sides. After all-admittedly-when I'm out I get as excited about a Bear Republic Black Bear Stout as I do a Troegenator.

The collar does get a bit crowded, but its a good place to take in some Phil's playoff action.
i remember last year when it was too crowded we headed up the street to St. Stephen's and watched one of the games in the basement- such a good place to take in a game. Or if you're into the Steelers (as owner Jeff Keel is) all Steelers games are aired down there.

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