October 2, 2009

PorktoberFest: SPTR's farmhouse recap.....

About a week ago I attended a lovely farmhouse dinner at South Philly Tap Room.
I felt like I was in Scott Schroeder (or John Longacre's) living room. There was a hodgepodge of different dishes and corningware. It was laid back and homegrown.
A feast was prepared by Scott, Sherrie of South wArk, Gene of Cochon, and Nick of Beneluxx.

Sweetbreads, stuffed duck (stuffing so good I don't event want to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, because nothing could compare), the best creamed corn I ever had (although mine is pretty good). SO much pork, a Calvados from 1996. Ice ciders. I could go on and on. It was a special evening.

On my way out, I noticed Cochon's Gene Giuffi was wearing a shirt that said"Big on the Pig."
I was a bit jealous, until this week when Lance handed me a bright blue tee from Boulder that had a pig and a spilled beer on it that said "Pig with Altitude"

I was grateful for the time to hang out with him and his wife Amy. They've got a little gem in Cochon on Passyunk. Plus Gene should be standup comedian on the side, dishing up his real opinions on everyone in the Philly restaurant scene. He was not only one of the chefs that night, but also the entertainment.

Kudos to South Philly Tap Room for an extraordinary Sunday night.
It was also the return of the Joey Beddia.

He was fresh off the plane from Wisconsin- where he spent a portion of the summer learning the art of pizza-making.

Here his is photographed with his pet baguette.

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