October 10, 2009

Porktoberfest suggestions by: Jennie Hatton

Jennie Hatton's list o' Pork

*SupperBackyard Pork BBQ – beer braised belly with peach and kale, smoked loin with warm potato salad, grilled housemade brat with icalitti and crispy pig skin

*Chifa Pork Buns – pure heaven – great deal at Happy Hour with beer (I think you have an event tonight, if not, press from 5 to 7 pm at the bar…buns and beers on me

*Amada – Whole Roast Pig – but you have to order two days in advance, and have four people, so might not work J

*Tinto – Pork Belly Montaditos – Berkshire pork belly with honey

*Village Whiskey – BBQ Pork Sammy – pulled pork sandwich, whiskey BBQ, cole slaw and fried pickle

*Noble – Belly/Wings (okay, it shares with chicken wings) pork belly and chicken wings in a butternut glaze sauce (on the bar menu)

*Kong – honey glazed Chinese bacon with spicy roasted peanuts and/or Crispy Pork Belly, Chinese Bacon and poached egg noodle bowl

Im going to Kong for the first time on Wednesday...so that Crisp Pork Belly and Chinese Bacon is going to be in my belly soon!!!

It should be noted after Jennie emailed me that list...she was craving pork.

Are you?

Lastly a few of those Garces spots carry Sly Fox Saison Vos.

Pigs wants to be washed down with Saison. Trust me.

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