October 9, 2009

The Snozberries taste like Snozberries-=-and the Rasperries taste like Raspberries

It's apple and pumpkin season to most...but for me as Sly Fox sales gal-It's Black Raspberry time.

We released our Black Razz Ale this week.

We work with an Oregon farmer, Marvin Decker (that's the second time a Marvin was mentioned on this blog today). We add a pound of black and red raspberries per gallon of beer. Some fruit beers are made with powders.
some are cloyingly sweet.

This is neither. Its tart and complex and begs for truffles.
It's also 8%. I don't even know how Lindemans can be so low in alcohol (2.5%) when you think about the yeast feeding off the natural sugars of the raspberries.

There are a halves and sixtels available from our wholesaler, Origlio.

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