October 1, 2009

WELCOME PORKTOBERFEST Day 1: HotDogs @ London Grill

I woke up today and the first thing I thought of was coffee. The second thing I thought of was talking with my wholesaler in New Jersey about ridewiths and the third thing, was-==Porktoberfest.
This is the second year I will have documented 16 days of eating swine. I think my affection for the hog stems from my coming of age when my pops would put ham on EVERYTHING. I know that pints of beer and porkbelly sandwiches are not exactly life extenders- so I try- I really do- to eat greens and all things good for me, but it doesn't always happen. I will walk into Memphis Taproom and Spanky will speak of scrapple, and I fall victim to the slaughtered once again.

So stop in over the course of the next two weeks or so and see what sort of swine made me swoon that day.

TO kick things off-= we had BEER club at the London Grill last night.
First thing I noticed was our Sly Fox Oktoberfest was on and tasting delightful...
then I saw on the mirror
"Gourmet Hot Dogs" $3.50
Pork, beef, duck, buffalo

I asked Adrian my bartender if that meant that all meats were present or if they had 4 different gourmet offerings. The latter was correct.

I wanted duck, but for the sake of porktoberfest beginning the next day- I went pork.

It was served with a chow chow and it was one of the best hotdogs I ever had.

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