November 4, 2009

700 Club Still Shakin' 'n' Stirrin' it up After All these Years

My phoodie friend Collin Flatt interviews 700 bartender Anders Larson...who speaks tenderly of his favorite bar.

The 700 club was a pioneer in the Northern Liberties area. And no matter how many mixology haunts open up...I guarantee you the 700 club is still makin' one of the best manhattans in this city.

I don't really drink manhattans. but for some reason a month ago-= there I was at 700 2nd st. doing just that. They also have a hand pump and great rotating craft selection and Pikeland Pils cans.

This guy is a magic man (with a killer name.) He pays homage to his inspirations in Collin's post...They are his bossman, Kurt Wonder, and Bruce Reckhan of the Abbaye.

He can shake or stir it up for you every Tuesday at the Philebrity Salon.

photo cred: Emily K. Eichelberger

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  1. Okay, here's my question. Is the place called "700 Club" or just "700"? I've heard both. What is it?