November 2, 2009

7pm tonight-=-You will want to be @ Pub and Kitchen.

Last's night's performance on the world's greatest stage was anything but great. Ugh. At one point I'm watching it with best bud Johnny and I turn to him and say, "What was that?" and he responds with "A disaster."

I took in the game at Jose Pistolas. There was a nice crowd that developed by the top of the ninth just in time for us to majorly eff it up.

Although today is a NEW day, and we WILL win-= I think how appropo is it that
Pub and Kitchen has a "shotgun" promo tonight.

I learned during Philly Beer Week that these guys like to sling the Sly Fox cans back. See above photo-=

Free Sly Fox cans to shot gun to the first 100 people to kick off the Game.
first come first serve

It's kind of history in the making.

Pub and Kitchen
20th and Lombard

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