November 16, 2009

And the week begins....

Monday came way to quickly.

It seems like two minutes ago I was still getting shoved by a tall lady from Mayfair that was not so fair. I don't know if I have been shoved since 4th grade when my best friends and I got in trouble at recess.

It went from the Firkinteenth right to Beer Camp-hosted by Two Guys on Beer- which appeared to be a huge success... It took place at Indy Hall, a community workspace in old city for techies and graphic designers. By 7:50 most of the beer was gone. I was able to snag a dunkel can and have a little bit of a homebrewed dunkelweiss. I ran into a bunch of people I don't get to see that often, which was very nice.

I took the show on the road with one of the most dazzling ladies of Philly, Anna Goldfarb of Shmitten Kitten. We had a blogger date. We drank beers, ate pizza, and exchanged numbers.

Saturday went by fast. Ate Lunch at Kanella (across the street from Varga) for a Philly Beer Scene piece. It was one of the best meals I ate all year.

Then in two hours I am at a wedding in Manayunk. The bride and groom couldn't have looked any happier (or more attractive;).

The funniest part of the evening was when a very tipsy M.F. D. spilled a Yuengling lager on one B. Johnson (bro of N. Johnson)
while she was trying to adjust her scarf for the 8th time.
It was a substantial amount of beer- but B-rad handled it well. He says to M- "Why don't you just spill beer on my shoe?"
Dunn took that as a request and poured a beer right on his leathered toes.

Here she is going for the the initial "I'm sorry" hug after first spill...

Then her follow through- pouring beer on his shoe

Post-spill amusement. This woman is a fantastic comedian and human being

Sunday was breakfast at Cochon. I was happy to see how busy the BYO @ Passyunk and Catherine got by 11:20. I got the "Toad in the Hole." Chef cures all his own meats...if you haven't been- you should get there.

Then off to the Winter Beer Fest. I enjoyed running into some familiar faces about town. I heard Saturday was much busier- which is good for Barry- who put a lot of effort into the event. He intends to do it again next year, but make it only one day.

Dinner was at Avril in Bala Cynwyd. My friend Christian and his wife April opened up a french bistro right across the street from the Bala Theater, another must do when you can.

Enjoy the weather today. Hope to see some of you at FORK tonight.