November 2, 2009

Best Bite of the Week-= crab salad @ Farmacia

Had lunch at Farmacia on Friday...they actually get quite a mid-day crowd.
They also do happy hour prices during lunch encouraging that 3 martini lunch of yesteryear. (not for me of course)

I got the jumbo lump crab salad. It had julienne green apple, lettuces, toasted almonds, mint dressing & avocado mousse.

I've bought cans of crab meat at the market before for $19.99. I swear for $12.95 this had at least 12 ounces of crab meat on it. I can't remember the last time I was so impressed with the portion/value of something. Sabrina's doesn't count- I finally came to the conclusion after a couple dozen unfinished plates that they're just obnoxious. I don't want 13 ingredients in my entree for $13.

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