November 25, 2009

Big Plans for the biggest "go out" night of the year: COUSCOUS

I think I'm taking it as easy as I can get it tonight. Lance is already in Connecticut. Many friends are doing the Phish thing. My sister isn't calling me back. The raging panda is not raging..she's watching movies and drinking vino at her friend's house. April and I teased eachother about going to TRIA for Interlude, but it's already 9:46. Neither of us has texted each other in 4 hours. Chances are my kitchen saw more of me tonight then anyone else will.

I made Lebanese couscous with Pork loin. The pork was moist (dunkel marinade works everytime) but slightly overcooked. I like the Lebanese couscous (the bigger kind). I used lemon, coriander, mint, garlic, salt, pepper, a pinch of smoked paprika and parsely.
I even made enough to bring to Thanksgiving at my sister's house tomorrow.

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