November 24, 2009

Bite of the Week: Ric's English Muffins via Green Aisle Grocery

My bite of the week took place in my very own "office" as I was working away. I had purchased a bag (5) of Ric's English Muffins from the new Green Aisle Grocery on Passyunk (a block south of P.o.P.E.).

I bought them because they looked delicious.
But then at one bite, I knew this was no smoke and mirrors coming out of Lancaster. These were the real deal.

I feel like I've lived 31 years and never really had an English Muffin until now. They make Thomas's look like the Bud of English Muffins. These had 14 grains, and even a li'l pineapple chopped up in them. I spread some all-natural mixed berry fruit spread I got at Essene on top. But- they would've been just as splendid sans spread.

Green Aisle also stocks a cranberry version and a cinnamon bread from Ric's as well. Learn more about these artisanal bread fairies here.

So- of course I want to meet the man behind the bread-= this Ric guy- but apparently "ric" is Michael Stauffer. He is married to Shelly Stauffer who operates his dreamy bread business with him on Queen St. in Lancaster.

I think I'm going to email him tomorrow after i finish the last one.

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