November 6, 2009

Bite of the Week: The Royal Tavern Edition

Royal Tavern will be celebrating 7 years the week of the 11-17th.

The festivities kick off with a vegan cocktail party with proceeds going to PAWS.

It culminates with a special night of cheap burgers and Royal Tavern Alumni- Nez- of Rock Tits playing records.

Now that it's the closest non-smoking bar to my house...I find myself there at least once a week.
Yesterday it was lunch...
Manchego and Wild mushroom flautas (bite of the week) and Chorizo and Tomato soup.

Perhaps I am biased because I used to work there, but I think Royal Tavern is still serving up some of the best food in the city. The burger gets all the praise but that's just one item out of a dozen that deem a thumbs up.
They only have 6 handles but they're well thought out. Yesterday they had the Bell's best brown ale and Rogue chocolate Stout on draft.
Great beers-= but lacking local...


  1. Suz, we have 8 taps! :)

    Cheers, Stephen

    PS. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Jes and I went here last night and had the best food. She had the vegan pepperoni pizza and I of coarse had the burger. Holy Crap their burger always blows my mind. Oh yeah, also had some plantain coconut soup which was great.

  3. That's right they do have 8 taps...and I should have included that they had at LEAST two local inc. YARDS (one regional with Ommegang). and I've definitely have had a Troegs or two.