November 18, 2009

Gobble Fest Day 1: The Beer Deli Edition

I love the Foodery. I love seeing Jeff Slick, Sean and Jesse Valentine and meeting new comers as they come.

I love grabbing a beer to review and chatting with them about it. I love its proximity to some of my favorite bars (both locations) and I love their sandwiches. I'm actually not a big sandwich person. Nine out of 10 sandwiches end in disaster...
*the bread is too hard
* I have squirted out all the innards on to the plate
* I can only eat half and don't want to take the other half home (that one shouldn't be labeled a disaster per se). But I look forward to theirs.

I had to stop by yesterday to check on 12 packs inventory. I thought- perfect I will have my turkey of the day at their deli. I wasn't prepared for so many options! I should've went the panini route, but I ended up ordering the "OMG." I thought "always go with the special."

This sandwich's name was written with a sharpee on a sign and it was shouting at me.
It was peppered turkey, avocado, tomato, sundried tomato pesto and mozz on multigrain bread.

It was good, but I think I wanted something grilled.
I can now cross turkey Cold sandwich off my list.
I am still allowed to seek out something hot.
Or try a "thanksgiving sandwich."
I think there is one at Devil's Alley or Mcgillins. Anyone know?
Anyone want to eat turkey during the week? Get at me-=

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  1. TELL ME if/when you find a Thanksgiving sandwich. I love those things, but I can only eat so many Wawa Gobblers before I die of a sodium overdose. I need options!