November 20, 2009

Gobble Fest Day 2: Evan Turney's Crock of Thanksgiving

My sister Michelle kindly supported me at the World Cafe Promo and wanted to get a bite to eat afterward. We were thinking Beaujolais at Tria, but then feared the crowd...and I am all about holidays- but I really don't need Beaujolais in my life.

So-Varga bar it was. I saw "Crock of Thanksgiving" on the Chalkboard and I knew I had my Gobble of the day.

It was a thick turkey soup with a stuffing dumpling/ "meatball." It was rather delightful. (Sorry the photograph is not)
I thought the Elysian Saison Apoive would be a good pairing. The pepper character in the beer would be a nice accent to the crock. But it ended up bringing out more fruit notes.
It was interesting.

I ran into Mike the newer Weyerbacher rep. Bob Fauteax is still around, but Mike is helping out in the city. He was proudly displaying their new tap handle- which is 10 feet tall.
Well- not really- but it's pretty tall. It is, however, an improvement over the bottle.
I'll try to get a better photo before I post it.

Enjoy the day.
If you're lucky enough to have your Grandmom still around, call her and see how she's doing ;)


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