November 23, 2009

Gobble Fest Day 3: The Earth is Flat b r e a d edition

Stopped in at EARTH bread + brewery last night.

I was excited to get the Turkey Sausage Pizza -=-= you know , the one with Local, nitrate-free, spicy turkey sausage, banana pepper pesto, herbed mushrooms and fresh mozzarella???

But li'l sis- was craving the seed -=-=- Roasted garlic, pine nuts, pumpkin + sesame seeds and mozz.

So we met in the middle and got the local, nitrate free spicy turkey sausage on the Seed.

And there we have Gobble Fest Day 3. I know I am failing at Gobble fest (this time around I don't even have a close up of the edible)...but hang in there...more turkey to come.

On the Side-=
EARTH still has Table Tennis Tuesdays
they have live Jazz on Sundays upstairs from 7 till 9
Candlelight First Wed (Dec. 2nd next)
and they have some of the best beer (and house made soda) around.

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