November 20, 2009

Good Friday Morning-= Here's PW's Mix-a-Six

Maybe you remember last year when I did "mix-a-sixes" for Philadelphia Weekly print.
Maybe you don't.

I'll be doing them a bit more steadily again- but for PW Online.
Sometimes I might sub in another topic- if its timely...but more often than not you can count on hearing my takes on 6 beers I tried that I think you should pop a cap on too.

Here are 6 newbies in the beer market that you should invest in this week...

1 comment:

  1. Love these picks! We've had Dortmunder Gold on tap a few times this Fall, and we have 21st Amendment Live Free or Die on now. Both are delicious and have been selling really well. As a lady (term used very loosely) beer lover, I am always reading your stuff and following up on recommendations. Thanks for being a reliable and credible voice for beer in Philly!

    Baggataway Tavern

    PS - We're putting Sly Fox Christmas in the lineup for December!