November 19, 2009

Good News for Pittsburgh Transplants Home for the Holidays

The PLCB unanimously voted yesterday to allow 5 more Giant Eagle Markets in the Pittsburgh area to sell beer.

Hopefully the shelves will be stocked by December 18th with 200+ beers.

They mention "import" and "micro," but I am sensing a lot of macros for some reason.

From the article

"Since it is Pennsylvania, it cannot be easy: the stores will have to have separate, restaurant-like spaces to hold the beer, with seating for 30 people, food preparation on the premises and dedicated check-out lines.

The PLCB will have to check the premises before beer sales get final approval.

Giant Eagle offered its first Pittsburgh-area beer sales at its new Settlers Ridge store in Robinson earlier this month and will start sales tomorrow at a site in South Strabane, Washington County. The chain has been selling beer for years in Ohio, where beer bottles mingle freely with other products in the store."

• Homestead, 420 East Waterfront Drive, The Waterfront

• Monroeville, 4010 Monroeville Blvd.

• Pine, 155 Towne Centre Drive

• West Mifflin, 9901 Mountain View Drive, Century Plaza

• West View, 1029 West View Park Drive

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