November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to you Don Russell.

Today is Joe Six Pack's special day.

I'm sitting next to my copy of my Beer Reporter's Notebook.

I will probably see him later at the Firkinteenth.

Don's inquisitive and insighftul, funny and motivating. He enjoys a wonderful life with his wife Theresa. It's cute when he plugs her Yoga studio in Roxborough, and its cute when she shows up for his book signings and helps him out.

He's been a huge part of building the beer culture in Philadelphia. He continues to find interesting topics to present us with every Friday in the Daily News- whether its about a chemistry professor at West Chester or women reaching for pints instead of pinot.

He's an all around great guy- even if Lance still complains that he took all his money in a 2007 poker game.

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