November 17, 2009

Naked Pint @ Fork night recapped-=-

Don't have much time....but a few words on a wonderful night. Last night the Naked Pint chicks were in town. Hallie Beaune and Christina Perozzi. We had about 70 people come out to Fork to meet them and a few of us local beer chicks. It was a night of camaraderie and deeeeeeelicious food. We started it off with a reception in the back, during which Victory Prima Pils and Stoudts APA were poured. People threw a bunch back there to get loosey goosey before taking their seats. It was an interesting crowd. A new crowd. I didn't recognize a lot of people. I probably knew about 6 that were there outside the beer community. Which is a good sign I think;) I think the Pr effort in some mainstream print like The Inquirer contributed to that.

The Saison Vos was paired with a selection of tapas; grilled Shrimp and smoked tomatoe sauce
, vegetables a la grecque (the fennel was a perfect pairing), house made chorizo with spicy white beans and salmon rilletes.

I was happy to see we were paired with a mezze so the guests could see how versatile our Saison is.
Next up was the scallops. They were served with a pinch of meyer lemon. I was talking so much (shocker) that I hadn't finished my modest sampling of Saison when the next course arrived...which worked out to my advantage...because that last sip of Saison was a perfect pairing for the scallop...esp with that bit o' meyer lemon. The arranged pairing was with Ommegang's Rare Vos.

Then the smoked duck breast. It smelled divine coming out of the kitchen.That was perfectly paired with Dogfish Head's Raison D'etre. (The first DFH I ever had- I think it was 2000)

The night finished off with a chocolate caramel tart. People were tickled that Sebbie Buhler was in the flesh and on the bottle being poured. The guests were so nice...a few people event wanted their menus autographed.

It was one of the best executed dinners I have been to in a while...and for a good value as well.

The Naked Pint ladies enjoyed themselves and were nothing short of charming. They tried to go home after the dinner but we got them out for a T.u.d. (totally unnecessary drink) at Race st. Hopefully they will visit us during PBW 2010. Here's the group shot with a male intruder. (actually he was quite welcome).

It is also to be noted it is the first time I ever met Jodi Stout. She is one hysterical lady;)
Here is here handiwork on Gordon Grubb Jr. "YEAH STOUDTS!"

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