November 11, 2009

No go on Safar Foer

I was due to get to the Jonathan Safar Foer lecture at 7:31. It was scheduled to start at 7:30.
I got notification from my better half that the lecture hall was filled and the remaining 40 to 50 people were sardined in between velvet ropes watching a tv on a wheelable rack from 1985.
I said, "no thank you."

I was a bit sad because I wanted to give him my love letter that's been stamped for four years.

We went to the Belgian Cafe instead for their Great Lakes night. We didn't have dinner ressies so we sat at the bar... I am drying out for a spell- but Lance got a Sierra Nevada Tripel and a Great Lakes Dortmunder. I got a club soda and an herbal tea with lemongrass...
We ran into many friendly faces-= Ferg, Eddie Friedland, Jimbo Wiggy, Don Russel, Rich Wagner, and more. I found out Eddie Friedland is extra excited about his Thanksgiving turkey this year. And I found out that Joe 6 pack is celebrating a birthday this Friday.

It was probably for the best that I didn't get to see J. Safar Foer... I mean the lecture was titled "Eating Animals" The Veg would've sniffed my pork -loving self out of the audience in a second and might not have even wanted to read my love letter...

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