November 12, 2009

Non beer-related post: Meet My New Bike!!!

I've had a terrible time with bikes over the years...

When I first moved to Philly in 2001 my sister Kathy bought me a bike. Brand new -Trek i believe. It was stolen.

She actually replaced it (sound familiar lance?) and it got stolen again outside the Trocadero when I was at a show.
Then I had a beater Raleigh that my friend on heroin sold me so he could do more heroin. (of course I didn't know it at the time). I locked it up outside the retired Full Moon Saloon when I was going to Vintage wine bar once and never saw it again.

Then I met Lance. He needed to make sure the gal he was dating had two wheels. I think we were only together about 3 months when he bought me my Specialized Rock Hopper. I probably wouldn't have picked purple...but i loved it....I left it unlocked behind my last house in an alley under a fire escape behind a garage. I know, stupid.

Lance deals with it okay and starts the Craigs list research. The chap buys me yet another bike! This time its a yellow Diamondback. He takes the dirtbike tires off...and puts some slicks on it. We got some checkered grips...and I called it "my taxi."

It was raining one night and I left it locked up outside Misconduct on Locust. It was gone the next day when the weather was cooperating.

That was end of May. So I have been bikeless since then...until NOW. I had fellow beer lover Steve Bell (son of distributor Frank Bell) custom build one for me. He had a small Redline frame just sitting at his shop waiting to be put to good use. I came by the shop and we picked out some parts.... And here it is...I think its the coolest thing I own besides my lady handbag.
Y e a h- they're teal wheels that you see. The best part is I have this gizmo by Pinhead components it locks up both my wheels and my handlebars so the bike is virtually steal proof. It costs $50.


  1. Suzy,

    Let the air out of your tires when you park your bike. Then a thief can't ride off!

  2. Nice!! Invest in a good u-lock, or three!

  3. How do you lock up your bikes? I've been riding for years in Philly and never had a problem (knock on wood). I always use a kryptonite U-lock, I try to park in very visible places, and I never leave it locked up anywhere overnight or after 2AM. Take heed!