November 26, 2009

Five ways to make Thanksgiving Better with Beer and Giving a Few Thanks of My Own

Happy Thanksgiving to you

Came across this article on drinking (beer) throughout the day. He doesn't mention any beers specifically.

I stayed in last night so I could wake up bright and early to walk the "gobble wobble" in Abington with my turkey nugget nephews and sis, Patty.
Two years ago we ran it- just a 5k- but with the kids this year...walking was the only option.
I wore my traditional colonial wench garb. I got a lot of compliments but no one else in the fam was really dressed up so we didn't win the "corny plumage" award again. Outside of my Mystery Beer Weekend Crown- that's the most exciting thing I've won in years.

I'm thankful for a lot.

Here's just a few things, people, places, and songs that have weaved in and out of my life for which I am grateful.
Grateful for making me better, or making me think, or just showing me a good time while I'm here.

My crazy family, my guy, my job, Earl Grey Tea, Earl Grey Iced Tea in the summer, Beach Boy’s “Wouldn’t it be Nice,” Sean Benge who dates Fran who’s uncle John built my trinity and rents it out to me. Office Space, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan’s “To make you feel my love” Josh Ritter’s “Kathleen,” My new ivory holey tights with gold flakes. New Jersey gas prices. Canelles, J Scones out of Doylestown. Green Aisle Grocery.Bruce Springsteen, Jazz, My army jacket, Coconut lip gloss, Sushi, Author John Irving, Influential friends I don’t get to see all the time but remain in my thoughts – lee, jay, sarah, jacey, grace, michelle, molly, the most precious Michelle Rello, Sister Bertrand. Jamie Perry, Mr. Cicacci and his red Pen, Marshalls, My bike, Mattie Degenarro and life coach Bill Batts, *travis*, bacon, bukowski, Tasting beer by Randy Mosher, The earrings I bought 3 times in two months in 2006. I was never so determined to own something, Kurt Wilson, Janine, colored paper clips, orange juice from CafĂ© Estelle (and their bacon- but I already said bacon) craisins, Coconut frozen fruit bars, Sierra Nevada Celebration at the P and P, my grown up lady purse, Jennie Hatton who loves my grown up lady purse, Spaten Optimator, Derik Frymire, Here comes the Sun and Buckets of Rain, pork roll, black pepper, the food network, Suzanne O’Brien, Anthropologie, coffee, fat free half and half (how is this possible), stamps when I need them, serrated knives, roomie, Gettysburg, Key West when I was 21, Rochefort 10, polka dots, owls, robin’s egg and cocoa. Kelly, Meredith, Hagi, Quill, Kate, Donovan, Felice Brothers, those jazz cds from 2004. Walter, q-tips, lavender, poppop, Montreal, kindness of strangers, Streetcar Named Desire, Fergus Carey for kind words during beer week 08, Tom Peters for kind words everytime I see him, Matt Guyer for our first meeting in 2003- "Whatcha got?", Tom Baker- from idol to respected friend, Brendan Hartranft and Co, My patient bosses-Brian, Tim, Andy, Dan, Joel, Tony and Neil, growlers of Founders double trouble, technology, serendipitous run-ins, port, craft beer at airports, calla lilies, Cholula, Chris Topham, Jessie Zenquis, Jared Styles, beer by bike, 1981 Macallan from curt decker’s filing cabinet, the opportunity to write despite working for a brewery, Beer bloggers, writers and buds (this covers ALOT of people) Jimbo wiggy who helps me out all the time, dresses with pockets, gmorns and gnights, my bergamot cleanser, redken outshine, train rides, Yvonne, Champagne, Connecticut, Casey Hughes for fixing my passenger mirror, fireplaces, places I can drink cans in, “Book of love,” scrabble, jgt, my sewed up ear lobe, emergency dentist appointments, Brenda, "Fun Facts,"4 am fishing trips, Sunday drives then and now, real ice cream on sugar cones- not cake cones, blueberries, good pens, the piano, "live feed," the wit of Alison Walsh and Megan Dunn, 24 hour anythings, good bbq, snail mail, creamed spinach, peapods, Amelia Bedelia, forgiveness of people when I'm tardy, Monticello, Roy Orbison, Mark Knopfler, really big towels, skee ball, Big peppery zins, bread pudding, down pillows, 500 thread count sheets, "I love you's" from my nephews, and the one on the way.

Now I got to get going before I have to be even more thankful for the forgiveness of those that I am tardy for. I'm almost out the door Kathy- I promise -=-like she reads the blog anyway.

Bringing me to the last one-=-

I'm thankful for all of you that care to hear about my days in and days out.

Enjoy your sweet potatoes.

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