November 12, 2009

Quick thoughts on International Cuisine Restaurants and their Faulty Beer Choices

Why must all sushi joints with a liquor license pour the usual suspects of kirin, and tsingtao-= when a Hitachino white or a nice saison (Victory, South Hampton, Sly Fox) would be so much better? Raw is one of the only sushi joints out there that has better beers.

And Italian Restaurants feel they have to have Peroni. Even Stephen Starr opens up Stella his new pizza place with Peroni... Stella actually has only 8 beers on the list but 15 wines...
Stephen, haven't you ever heard Dave Barry's famous quote about beer and pizza?

I actually went there for the first time yesterday to introduce myself and thank them for carrying our 113 bottles. Unfortunately they took it off the list and there was no on I could talk to. I left my information behind. I did have one DELICIOUS pizza. I hear the truffle one is very popular but I went for Spinach. Oodles of spinach. I almost felt healthy.

The place is laid back...service was great. Pizza came out quickly. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy a pie with some Sly again someday-=-=

Last thought:
Of course if the beer of the native land is well-crafted then so be it.

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  1. Perhaps I'll finally get a chance to check it out this weekend - I may leave a little something on the comment card about the beer selection.