November 12, 2009

So I wrote this article....

For PW online...I'm mostly going to stay with a "mix a six"kind of thing...but I wanted to write to start a discussion on local beer in Philly. I, myself, drink everything out there.

I think its a good- no great- thing that mainstream bars are now rotating locals. Now you can get a craft beer at almost any bar in Philly now... way north or deep south.

I definitely think Locals are still respected and wanted on Philly towers...I must emphasize that I wrote the article to get people talking...not talking at me...or say I am skewed because I work for a local brewery. I am very fortunate to be able to do some freelance while working for one of pa's best breweries. Without further ado-= here it is.

Whether its Port Brewing's High Tide Fresh Hop or Yards Spruce Ale-= hope you enjoy a craft beer on this icky day.

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