November 19, 2009

TROEGS Happenings: Music Fest and Bacon Mugs

I professed my admiration for Ed Yashinksy during our time in Denver. I thought I may have creeped him out just a bit- but- I guess not- because he emailed me info on an event they are having tomorrow night...

From Ed himself:

"We have A LOT of musicians at the brewery – collectively we probably play in about 10-15 bands. So we decided to bring their collective power together in one event.

Each of the bands has Troegs employees in the band.

Eli Charleston (ragtime guitar) drives truck for the brewery

Colebrook Road (bluegrass) includes our bottling line manager and one of our tasting room employees.

Up Pops the Devil (rock band) features our warehouse manager.

Starsan is the Troegs brewery band that has won the Stoudt’s Battle of the Brewery Bands Beer Fest the last two years. It’s nine brewery employees.

Also, we are excited that the lovely Mrs. Horwitz will be coming out as a special guest to perform one song with Starsan!!!!

I still remember vividly Whitney's "At Last" at her and Larry's reception.

If you're anywhere there H-burg you won't want to miss this.

In other Troegs News, Nick Johnson must have nothing better to do then create mugs out of bacon.

Not to say that I am not completely impressed, and it did spur an entertaining "R" rated email thread this morning.

My MAIN question is:

What are the contents inside the aforementioned vessel?


  1. i'm guessing baconnaise.

  2. Knowing Nick Johnson, it's probably a baconnaise infused cheese whiz porter. I guess you get to eat the mug?

  3. I did not make this amazing drinking vessel... yet.... just found it online... and knowing steve mashington he is probably shirtless and drunk somewhere