November 4, 2009

We've got a rodeo, now we need a clown... Johnny Brenda's 11/14

Johnny Brenda's Wet Hop Rodeo
How Thrilling!

This JUST in-=

Jb's will be pourin A Round-up of Local and National Wet Hopped Beers a week from Saturday.

Come out and enjoy fresh, wet- hopped beers from this year's hop harvest. The aromatics will make your nose hairs tingle!

Frankford and Girard

Victory Harvest Pils

Victory Harvest Ale

Weyerbacher Harvest Ale

Philadelphia Brewing Company Harvest from the Hood

Manayunk Brewing Hop Harvest

Port Brewing High Tide

Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale

Rogue Wet Hop Ale
plus a firkin of wet hopped ale from Iron Hill! ( I wonder which one)

11 am till close

As far as the clown part goes....We've got two guys in the running so far. Feel free to vote.

1 comment:

  1. I vote for the guy on the left. I heard he's even more handsome than that guy from Southampton.