December 3, 2009

Happy Hour at Dibruno Brothers recapped <<<

Yesterday Dogfish Head Beer Gal Wendy Domurat and I worked alongside the Dibruno guys.

From 5 till 7-= I sampled Sly Christmas, Dunkel and Black Raspberry. Wendy sampled Midas Touch, Pangea, and Palo Santo Marron.

There was enough of a crowd that we kept busy pouring. But even if we weren't busy -Hunter and Zeke are so delightful it wouldn't be a bad way to pass the time.

I was under the weather most of the day. I think I have a cold of some sort. But I perked up once I got there.

Jennie Hatton came through, as did some other friends. Robin from Flyin ng Fish also made a stop- thus giving us the photo opp above.

Hunter had created cheese pairings for the beers. He gave me some stilton to try with the Black Raspberry. I told him I wish I like bleu cheese but I just can't get into it...he explained that this was the most accessible bleu out there. It was still a no go.

Next Wed- they are hosting Bill Covaleski and Victory beers. I think Bill likes cheese as much as he likes beer.

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