December 23, 2009

Hartranft-Maida Enterprises present: Kick the Keg tonight then Boxing Day on Saturday

Starting at 9 pm at both Local 44 and Memphis TapRoom-=
Kick the Keg
All beers $3 till the taps run dry.
Both establishments will be closed for Christmas Eve and Day-=- Head back to Memphis for Boxing Day on the 26th.
$1 off each beer for bringing in coats, blankets, or 3 cans of food.
Check out all the pours here

Also for anyone that reads "Philly Speaks" I am obviously not 
"Suzie W" a few of you have asked me if I am- just wanted to clarify.
I know nothing about tax stuff and Im so sweet on Brendan and Leigh.
I don't know who this person is- nor why they enjoy using my name to bash people on various blogs. I guess I should be flattered they like my name that much.
Too bad they're saying assanine things.

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