December 10, 2009

In Pursuit of Ale Holiday Throwdown is sort of like a party too?

I realized the other day when Steve Mashington was terribly disappointed that he wasn't invited to the In Pursuit of Ale- Holiday Throwdown and Winter Frolic at the Standard Tap-
most of you probably don't even know about it...That's a problem- because I want all of you there.

I invited all the ladies of IPA through a newsletter but I realize most of you don't get it.

This is open to as you go...get as dapper or as clapper as you like. 
Wear dungarees or a tux.  Ladies -bring a bottle for the 3rd annual bottle swap.

We'll have tunes of all sort
Great beer as Standard Tap always does...and under a disco ball-= we'll frolic the night away.
Eat if you want or don't. It's casual that way.

You can RSVP and tell me if you're coming because that will brighten my chilly December day or just show up and surprise me that night.

Foodery is right across the street if you need a bottle last minute


  1. I believe Standard Tap is also the destination for the Fishtown Beer Runners that night - 2nd Anniversary Party.

    Unfortunately I can't go, as I'll be in the air returning from SLC.

  2. That's g-reaaaaaaaaaaat news. Thanks Kev.