December 3, 2009


I headed into West Deptford and Glassboro, NJ today. I drove around lost for at least 45 minutes for the second time this week.

I stopped by Monster Beverage to see Sal...This is Sal and manager Derek right here >>>>>>>Monster is a big store not too far from Rowan university.

They have a rather monstrous selection and already have the Sly Fox Christmas in stock if you are in that area.

I then headed to Hops and Grapes. This store is as pretty as they get. As you walk in- there is a coffee bar to the left. They also sell cheeses and gourmet foodstuffs like cornichons and preserves.

While I was waiting to say hi to Brian- I was surveying the store. I overheard two ladies discussing Russian River and Captain Lawrence.

I decided I would introduce myself. They were shopping for their brother/son for christmas. I took a looksie at the list----

Jolly Pumpkin, Deschutes, Captain Larry, Avery, Russin River, Lost Abbey and others were on it. No Sly Fox but after chatting for a bit they also ended up buying a bottle of Saison Vos.

Hops and Grapes also had one bottle left of my favorite- our Gang Aft Agley (scotch ale) from last winter. I scooped it up. Almost bought a bottle of Odyssey as well but wanted to leave it there so H and G customers could do a vertical tasting in a few weeks if they wanted to.

I didn't get home until 10 this evening. And I am back there by 10 tomorrow. The car is acting up though. It was making this weird noise while I was driving...then when I went to rest it for the night- it wouldn't turn off.
I had the keys in my hand and I was out of the car and it was still running. I thought for sure it was going to explode. Right then this really handsome guy was walking by and told me to make sure it wasn't overheating. I don't think that was it. I think it's an ignition thing. Off to Mike Jr. the mechanic first thing in the morning. ugh. Just in time for Christmas-= I am gonna get hit with a $200 car bill- I just know it.

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