December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas-=-

I had to stay home last night due to an ear infection.  I'm not able to drive. My equilibrium is all sorts of out of whack.  It was the first time I missed the Sharp (my sister's in-laws) Christmas Eve party in 4 years.

So here I am alone on Christmas Eve, on antibiotics, terribly depressed.
I decided now that I live back in South Philly I should do the seven fishes minus six fishes.
I went to Whole Foods and got swordfish for one.  I created my own rub with smoked paprika, thyme, white pepper, oregano, and black pepper.  I found some spinach, sundried tomatoes and some orecchiette  around and there it was. For a mere $7 I ate like a queen. Maybe next year I will add six more fishes(and hopefully six more people).

I watched "It's a Wonderful Life," and thought about mine. I thought about my struggle for sanity this week as I accidentally ran a red light (and got a $119 ticket) and then locked my keys and purse in my car the next day. By the time Thursday came around-my ear infection was in full effect and I was the opposite.  I was like,"is Christmas really tomorrow?" By 2 pm I was headed to the emergency room of Jefferson.  I couldn't take the pain and figured I shouldn't just let an infection be stirring around my body.

The emergency room was a disaster.  I had to wait for two nurses to stop gossiping for thirty minutes before the one came in to talk to me. Ronnie was her name. Ronnie was chewing gum and calling me "babe." Merry Christmas Eve. I was so annoyed.

I got over it and myself quickly and tried to relax from then on the rest of the evening.
I had a brief visit from my friend Megan. She was sharing stories of her crazy family -they cheered me up a bit. Then-I woke up to a text/picture message this morning of my nephew William holding up a pink piece of Construction paper. I knew right away that meant that the lil nugget in my sister in law's belly is going to be a little girl.  I have four nephews so this is a big, welcome surprise.

I can't wait to see them in a few hours.
Enjoy the day with your families- even if half of them are crazy.  Hopefully you'll toast each other with great beer.
So much can change in a year.
Your entire world actually. Maybe you're in a new job,or have a new special person in your life, maybe you got married, or stopped being married, maybe you ran your first marathon, or your first mile.  Maybe you lost or gained a few pounds, maybe you gained a new pup, perhaps a new perspective.

The year is drawing to a close- I always see this week as a time of reflection and renewal.
This year has been a very hectic one-right up to yesterday.
I'm waiting for that quiet moment.

"You only live once-but if you work it right, once is enough"
-Joe. E. Lewis

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