December 3, 2009

A smile for every song: Josh Ritter at the TLA

Last night I went to my first concert by myself. I wasn't feeling well all day and probably should have gone home after my Dibruno's sampling but duty called. joy called. I felt it was my duty to go and feel good. Whenever stress is written on the walls of my day- live music is the best eraser. I saw Josh Ritter at World Cafe Live years ago. He was talented. He was jovial with a one of a kind smile.

Last night he practically skipped on to the stage. He greeted us with "Hi guys- we're gonna have fun tonight!" He played for hours smiling all the while. I had written a whole blog about the show in my head but after a little liquid love from chico, Ca the thoughts have escaped me... I hate when I can't write them down. The thought that did stick with me is TLA has the worst beer selection of all time.

Josh Ritter-=- one of the best American songsters strummin' today.

or Open Doors

Or Kathleen

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