December 4, 2009

t o n i g h t - a few suggestions

A few happenings around town-=
What ever you do-= I hope you're as happy as my sister Michelle is in this here wheat field.

1-=It's first Friday

2-=Troegs is hosting Mad Elf Event at Grey Lodge 6-? Joe Sixpack will be there signing Christmas Ale books

3-=Bridgids kicks off 1/2 way to beer week with Ommegang night .. You might get a chance to try their holiday release: Adoration. Stay tuned for more info on half way to beer week events.

4-=YARDS is at Prohibition Tap Room with a firkin of a Belgian-roofied Thomas Jefferson-=-= (13th and Callowhill- then hit the Institute at 12th and Green while in the area)

5-= Devil's Den is having a Duvel Green promo. Ms. Megan Maguire will have to clone herself to be at Bridgids and Devil's Den at the same time...

6- There's rumblings of the P.O.P.E. having and keg of 1809 Berliner Weisse on tap.

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