December 11, 2009

TODAY and TONIGHT-= a few beer events

Lots of stuff

*MORE COWBELL at Khyber  Meet MATT Allyn of Voodoo Brewing Co.
First tasting of Cowbell - Voodoo's Imperial Oatmeal Stout.  9% Garnished with a Cookie.

Festivities from 4-6 pm

*JOSE Pistolas starts Friday Beer get lit at lunch....go see ADAM and have a few beers.

*Don't believe the Christmas Beer Fest at the Penn Museum is sold out.
It's 6 till 9. Should be a nice, reserved tasting of some of the season's best beers from Europe and round the states.  It's $45 in advance $55 at the door and hosted by Joe Sixpack in conjunction with Philly BEER WEEK 2010.

*Kite and Key's Christmas Ales party mentioned earlier this week. 10 Christmas beers will be tapped all day.

*OR Rest up and do nothin because you've got a CHILI Cookoff to attend tomorrow at the POPE. 1-5.  Just confirmed we're tapping a firkin of Sly Fox Oatmeal stout as well!

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