December 15, 2009

Tonight: Experience new Philly music while drinking Sly's Odyssey

I'm so freakin' tired.  Tuesdays area always hard because I bartend Monday nights then have to get up early and do the thing. It's 7:40 am. I guess I got about 5 1/2 in.

I'm listening to this song "Good Morning" from the Elevator Parade ( I keep calling it the Elephant parade by accident).  Rocco Renzetti, a POPE regular (and Ressurection Ale House Bartender) has put out his first album in five years.  He's launching it with a listening party at the POPE tonight.

It actually led me to myspace for the first time in a long time.  If you want to check it out you can do so here.  A music savvy friend of mine gave it his two thumbs up.  I agree.

SO - a line up of Sly Fox will be on at the POPE to celebrate tonight.  It'll be the FIRST sips of
Odyssey you can get in the city (Sly's culmination of the Hop Proj.  a Imperial IPA with 11 diff hops we've been brewing for 6 years). Black Raspberry Reserve, Christmas Ale, and O'Reilly's Stout all on tap.
Cans as usual too.

I've had a stressful two weeks or so-so come out and have a beer with me-=- I'll tell you all about my first Yoga Class in 6  years. 

Hope everyone's enjoying the Holiday season.

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