December 18, 2009

Turnip Soup

I had to run by the POPE yesterday to pick up a firkin tap for the Khyber's "Firkins for our Furry Friends" event tomorrow (with all these bad weather predictions- I think you should plant yourself there tomorrow afternoon)

My friend Pots was behind the bar so I figured I should saddle up to it- and take a break in the day for a ginger ale and a turnip apple soup.  I forgot that I don't care for turnips.  I like how they remind me of my beloved grandmother Pryor but I just don't like the taste.  Having said that- I did like this soup.
Doesn't it just look good?
There was some diced apples atop which broke up the soup with a bit of crunch. and only $4.50.  There are some downright INSANE soup prices in this city right now.  Nice to see you can still find a hearty bowl for under 5 bucks!


  1. I can't imagine that it's any better than your pumpkin leek soup! my favorite soup ever.

  2. Who is this "pots" and why does he have such a silly, awful nickname?