December 26, 2009

Who put this Beer in my Food? I'd like to thank them. Suggestions needed!!!

I love beer. I love food. I love using beer to cook food.

I've been scouting out some beer-incorporated dishes (desserts and apps included) around the city.
What are your faves? PLEASE comment.
I'd love to talk about TJs and Teresa's but for this assignment in  particular- it needs to stay in the 215.

Also- beer reps if you know your beer is being used in a dish- please email me or comment.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday;)



  1. Hay Beerlass,we had a pretty awesome beer incorporated dinner at the Four Seasons during the Beer Week. I also make beer float at home with Lancaster Milk Stout or Flying Fish Espresso Imp Porter. That's like drinking a cold beer cappacino! Patrick & Tree

  2. Mmm, beer floats! The first one I had was at a "Beer & Desert Tasting" Lew Bryson did at Morris Arboretum a few years ago. He made it with the then Heavyweight's Perkuno's Hammer and their black cherry ice cream. Best I've ever had.