December 30, 2009

You want something smoked? I'm you're gal!

I got a stovetop smoker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gift giver was none other than Lance Romance's mom, Pat.
He must have leaked the info to her.

I have wanted one for a year now.
This is so exciting.

If you live in the South Philly area and want something smoked just drop me a line.
I'll smoke it for you.
And in the future if you ever want to know what to get me for a gift (say around April 24th) wood chips is the answer.
Or any slab of meat.

He also got me Wusthof Ikon Chef's knife--which is now the sexiest thing I own other than my bike.
And Smart Wool socks because they're the best.

I also got a food processor (thanks Pop) a robe, slippers, fancy bottle stoppers from the raging panda, a gift certificate to Green Aisle Grocery, Gift Certificate to Dibruno Brothers (both these make great gifts if you're ever stuck), some jewelry, and oodles of Dove products from Lance's sister. My legs will be shaved for at least three months gratis!

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