March 31, 2009

Macaroni Madness @ the P.o.p.e. with local brewery peoples

This -Wednesday the Pub on Passyunk East- will host local brewery peeps for a Macaroni and Cheese competition from 6 till 8.

Nodding Head, Victory, Dock St, Sly Fox, Dogfish Head, Yards will be represented along with Left Hand and possibly the Lion.

I will be inviting ladies of In Pursuit of Ale to come sample along with the general public.

The back dining room will be set up like a mini festival. All cooks will be behind tables trying to convince cheese lovers that their mac is the best. Their beers will all be on tap, and should be used in the recipe itself.

It is also the Devil's Den first aniversary. Who are conveniently located just a few blocks away from the P.o.p.e. so you can hit up both.

March 26, 2009

johnny cask tonight!

tonight dogfish head reveals there 75 minute ipa by firkin in just a few spots around the city.

memphis, monks, jose pistolas, grey lodge, standard tap and devils den.

Read more here.

tappin time is 7:50

March 25, 2009

Local pours still waiting for the affection of Philly hotels

I got a call this week about a beer gig in May. I am going to hang out at the Marriott for a few hours talking beer with folks in town for a conference. I am looking forward to it, I have to recommend local and regional beers for them to bring in. Their current "local offering" is Yuengling lager.

Marriott advertised for Philly Beer Week. They launched their new restaurant, 13, which is actually at 1201 Market St. They poured 13 Sam Adams beers over 13 hours. And served complimentary hors d oeuvres. I'll have to ask my Boston Beer buddy Liz how it worked out.

I guess I am a bit annoyed that there's no local craft beer at the hotel closest to the train station.
Radisson is doing it. I think I heard Lowes has a couple locals on, as does the Four Seasons.
Sheraton started their Four points hotels a few years ago and even appointed a Chief Beer Officer.

Any other Philly hotels carrying local or regional craft beer?

March 23, 2009

April 1st for Ommegang tickets.

April first is a big day.

*Devil's Den celebrates 1 year

*The P.o.p.e hosts local brewery reps for "macaroni madness" yet another cooking competition involving craft beer. Who makes a better mac and cheese? Wendy from Dogfish or Tracy from Victory. The p.o.p.e's Dennis Hewlett suggested she call it "Golden Monkaroni"

*Bell's Oberon is Released for the season


Belgium comes to Cooperstown tickets go on sale. This event sells out in mere hours.
The dates are July 31st, August 1st and 2nd (lance gets another birthday in Cooperstown)
The theme is "Abbaye Road"

If you'd like to volunteer, please contact John Tuchowski at

March 21, 2009

C h i f a beers

Last night Lance and I hit 707 Chestnut St. for an elite 8 dishes at Chifa.
as you probably already know Chifa is the hybrid cuisine of Peru made up of Cantonese and peruvian cuisine.
I'll write more about that later on...
but as I get ready to leave for the Atlantic City Beer is on my mind (when is it not?)
and here's what I remember of the beer list.

PBC Kenzinger
Elysian Immortal IPA
Allagash White
Summit Oatmeal Stout

Saison Vos 750 ml ($14)
Lost Abbey Avant Garde ($16)
Dogfish Head 60 minute
South Hampton Double White
Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza ($25)
2 different types of Peruvian Lagers ($6)
We didn't try them....we just figured them to be the "Stella Artois" of Peru.

The Saison was a nice pairing for the majority of the food we had.

Enjoy your weekend-=-=

March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung, new bars to follow.

Stay tuned for "developing" details on two new beer bars to hit Philadelphia this spring.

You can follow the progress of Brauhaus Schmitz here.
Doug and Kelly Hager have hired their chef and will be serving up brats by the end of spring.

The other anticipated pub opening is the Varga Bar at 10th and Spruce in the old quarters of the short lived Azul Cantina.
I've been waiting to write about it till I had a bit more detail but then Phoodie friends released the exclusive. They've got it like that. Read all about it there.

The theme is pin-up gals. Picture black and white tile floors with a 14 seat brand new bar that includes a wall mounted draft system pouring twenty taps. Look forward to a lot of local favorites as well as Belgians. Evan Turney-who's quite terrific if you ask me- is in the kitchen, while still overseeing byo Mercado and Valanni.

They'll have the pretty ladies painted on the ceiling.
Should be a welcome spectacle for your viewing no later than MAY 1st.

Happy, Happy Spring.

Enter great beer. Exit series.

A bit back I was at the Flying Fish brewery while Casey Hughes' new "American Trippel,"
part of the new "Exit" big bottle series, was in the tanks. I got to try it early on.
I had no idea that he had plans of making a tripel.

Now the gestation period is over, and this beautiful baby is born to many
"oohs and ahhs."
It's nice and dry because Hughes hopped the hell outta it.

"Hops are first wort Palisades, boil Nugget, then late hops Simcoe and Amarillo. hop back Simcoe and Amarillo, then dry hopped twice with Simcoe and Amarillo."

Simcoe (which are known as Cascades on steroids) and nugget being bitter hops yet clean, the amarillo adds a bit of orange citrus. The palisades, a fairly modern hop, from the pacific northwest is known for its hint of apricot. The yeast is Westmalle, and the treats is brewed with 1800 lbs of Belgian Pils Malt and
220 lbs of Belgian candi sugar per batch.

I've had it on draft and in bottle. Coming into this world in the misdst of beer week was well planned, and it was one of my favorite sips of the week.
Hughes is undecided as to what his next "exit" or beer style will be.

I was inspired to give the exit a shout out because I'm heading across the bridge for the weekend.

It's the Atlantic City Beer Fest.
Over 8,000 tickets were sold. I am hoping to meet a lot of distributor owners. I heard they're around on Sat. and Sun afternoons. Come sundown, the Convention center turns into a shit show, but you take the good, you take the bad, and there you have....

Two events of 2007-
A woman was behaving so obnoxiously, I was taken aback. then I realized she was with her husband and had a ring on. I thought to myself, "Good Lord! She planned a wedding?"

Shortly after that, a brawny woman of sorts, with a caravan of suitors behind her- all which could have piledrived me in a second-was trying to steal beer from me. Saison Vos I think. She took it and ran away. I chased her and "told her off." Not one of my prouder moments, but at that point in the day I had enough. Casey Hughes likes to retell this story a few times a year. It's better when he does it.

Don't worry-=-=I'll report back on Monday with all the misdemeanors of Nick Johnson and Company.

Starkbierfest @Bridgewaters Tonight!

Not sure what time actually 5?

They're hosting the Starkbierfest.
If for any reason you find yourself at 30th st station today...come check it out. Prost!

Here's some more info (if you can read it) on the history of the Starkbierfest.

Laban "chat" Reveals Craig's As An O'Reilly's Fan

As you've read before here at IHAS,
Craig Laban loves him some saaz hops.
His summer fridge stores Pikeland Pils as a staple.

But what I was not privy to was his affection for our O'Reilly's stout.

This past St. Pats revealed the info in Craig's weekly Tuesday "chat."
They chat about beer week.

Laban shares his thoughts on one of his more eventful meetings during the 10 close attention to the bold words,
"...Sly Fox’s O’Reilly’s Stout, which might my favorite dry stout of all."

I was also contacted by Guinness' PR firm to meet with Fergal Murray.
I would have certainly welcomed the opportunity, but alas, and regrettably I had not a moment to do so.

Guinness did a great job lining themselves up with promos throughout the area.
One day, Murray even found himself on O'Reilly turf in Phoenixville.
But "Throwdown in Phoenixville," doesn't quite have the ring that "Throwdown in Franklintown" does....

From the chat:

Speaking of Beer Week, I’d be curious to hear some of your highlights.

The best thing I drank? A pint of “Backwoods Bastard”, a wee heavy Scotch ale from Founders being featured at the Sidecar Bar (22nd and Christian) that tasted like a fizzy glass of bourbon-with-a-spritz-of-beer. Really bold and balanced, like all of Founders’ brews (we also loved the coffee-flavored Breakfast Stout and the spicy Red Rye).
On the topic of St. Paddy’s themes, though, I also had the intriguing opportunity last weekend to meet up with one of Ireland’s greatest beer rock stars for a pint: Fergal Murray, the brewmaster from Guinness. He was here on tour in between appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel and Today shows, and I found him at the tail-end of a one-day eight-stop Irish pub crawl through Philly. I have to say he looked a wee bit numb from the rigors of his journey as he perched against a railing inside the Black Sheep Pub, flanked by a posse of kilt-clad Guinness girls and local distributors, with a glowing green Guinness trinket dangling around his neck. He was in charming spirits, nonetheless, and politely gave good marks to the pints he’d sampled in town – though he noted with mild pique that the Black Sheep had served him Guinness in a Harp glass. Between his 11 p.m. brogue and the din of the bar, our brief chat was uneventful. But it was still one of my highlights from Beer Week. It also made me realize that with all the great local and international craft brews coming into town over the past few years, including Sly Fox’s O’Reilly’s Stout, which might my favorite dry stout of all, that I’ve pretty stopped drinking Guinness of late. ‘Tis a shame. For an industrial beer, it is still a remarkably good product.

March 19, 2009

Ace of Cakes. 1 am. Do it.

If y'all geek out on the interweb at 1 in the morning like I do, then you know Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. It's one of my favorite shows.

Tonight's episode included a "Girl Scout Cookies" cake.
they joked about doing "tagalong," but I think Samoas are the way to go. All that coconut cocoa deliciousness.The raging panda forgot we had them in our cabinet for a couple weeks now.

They were busted out this evening, a perfect edible compliment to my viewing.

They also are tasty with a stout.

If you haven't supported the Girl Scouts of America yet this year, you should.
You serotonin will thank you.
And if you haven't watched "Ace of Cakes" yet, you should. Gimmick? Not as much as the double R. It's a couple hard working friends in there mid 20s to mid 30s that apply their creative energy to flour and sugar in Baltimore,MD.

"They make it bigger, badder, awesome. It's all about the cake."
Duff Goldman, owner

Still recapping-=- Tuesday's dfh luncheon

Gina Talley already covered the Dogfish Head luncheon here. As did Uncle Jack. It was incredible.
I dont' think I have ever heard of fruit salumi.
And I certainly never thought of a "Porelkbit" but I liked it.
The "Hop snacks" were also interesting. Andy put a lot of effort into creating our experience that day, and Sam hammed it up as he's known to do.

I was beat that day. I had been caramelizing onions all night for my cheesesteak smackdown.
I started a batch on Sunday because I knew it would take forever.
6 pounds of onions, surely looked like less by the time I was done.
I slept on the couch and set the alarm on my stove so I would wake up every hour to deglaze them. More on that later...
I had to be at channel 10 by 8:45 in the morning. It was one of the worst nights of sleep I have ever had, but the onions were dark brown and as sweet as they get. I was pleased. Fatigued as heck, but confident that my time was well spent.

Sam made sure he went around the room talking with everyone. He shared anecdotes about DFH, like his near bankruptcy in the late 90s. He truly is one to be admired. As is that Andy Dickerson guy. Two guys that took a chance. That also make one heck of a product, who cares if they're easy on the eyes. I only have eyes for one, and I think he only cooked for me twice. But he does make some pretty good beer. You can start drinking it in Maple Shade this Summer as Jack wrote again this week.

BEER Swapping @ Brewer's Outlet

I couldn't wait to write about the new "beer exchange" program goin' on at the Brewer's outlet on Germantown Ave.

Paul Egonopoulos, owner and creator of the beer exchange is one smart fella.

It's totally legal too.

Once you purchase your case-=-=-=- you can leave a bottle behind and take one with you.

So much better than the ol' Styrofoam penny cup, right?

March 18, 2009

Jennie Hatton- m.v.p of p.b.w.

I'm going to try and get most of my beer week stuff up this week. Still trying to debate if I should go day by day like this guy. Set up a flicker, or what. Not sure yet.

But for right now, I'll quickly say that Jennie"freakin" Hatton gets MVP.
I wish I would have saved her one night of texts on Thursday night when she hit 5 events in 2 hours...and that's nothing.

People kept saying what great exposure the week had, especially with mainstream media.
It's a joint effort of Don Russell, Bruce Nichols, Tom Peters, Claire Pelino and this amaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngly lady.

Phillyist had named me "queen of philly beer week" 2008...I'd like to pass that on to her...

"You be magic woman"

March 17, 2009

Goody's = Baddy's

It's too easy, not to just do the antonymous thing here.
Goody's- the pizza shop directly next to the everyone's favorite lodge-the Grey Lodge- is up for a rename.

The only good things about this place are:
*They let you bring beer in for next door.
*you can grab a slice when grey lodge is really busy, should it not matter how uneventful said slice is.

Why am I so bitter?

*Their crust has got to be frozen. Or maybe I just don't care for "philly style pizza"
*They have no condiment parmesan cheese, garlic salt, crushed red pepper, no nothing. If a parlor doesn't have a condiment bar, it should only be because there pizza is the best of the best..and that is not the case here.
*They haven't changed their menu in over a year. They've had this "prices aren't right" sign up for over 365 days. I think its time to change it.

It's an O'Reilly's kind of day. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

They say if you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough.

Well as many people can tell upon meeting me, I'm big time Irish. 75%.

I used to think it was because the invastion by the Spanish Armada in the late 1500s. Apparently, according the the credible sources of Wikipedia, that- myfriends-

is a myth.

I have to do some more research into genotypes to understand my "brunette" being a bit more.

SO we're all spent cents from Beer Week, but

tis St. Patricks Day and all the city is green and thirsty.

O'Reilly's is pouring throughout the area. And Seamus is around too- the Sly Fox Irish style red ale.

Seamus is pouring at the Black Sheep, Fergies, Bishop's Collar and Cherry St. among others.

And here's my blessing for the day which inevitable involves driving...

May the luck of the Irish
Lead to happiest heights
And the highway you travel
Be lined with green lights.

Sláinte chuig na fir, agus go mairfidh na mná go deo.'
Health to the men, and may the women live forever!

March 16, 2009

quite possibly the best event of beer week....

March 15, 2009

Day 10 t.t.u.d. TONIGHT!

Here we are. Day ten. I got 8 hours of sleep.
I feel amazing.

Sly Fox is going to be hanging out at the Kite and Key (19th and Callowhill) all the day till 4.
Come by Kite and key and enjoy some Oreilly's Stout or seamus red.






March 12, 2009

Day 7: O'Reillys pulling taps at the Pub and Kitchen

I can't believe I haven't left yet. So much to do tonight.
I'm gonna make sure my car wasn't towed from the lot next to Fergies, then head to Triumph for
the Clash of the Kaisers. I can't wait.

I never appreciated pilsners until I sold Brian's beer. Now I love them.

I'm going to try and run to Johnny Brenda's to catch a lil bit of Langhorne Slim-
then I want to say hi to the newest bartender at the

Brian Oreilly, the man behind the pikeland- and the STOUT- will be bartending tonight at the Pub and Kitchen. 20th and Lombard.

AND its not till 10- so do what you gotta do, drink what you need to drink, then stop by to get your heckle on.



March 11, 2009

10! show yesterday...There's a reason I was class clutz in 1992

ALSO Lance had his own time in front of the camera....See that here...

March 10, 2009

So its a little fuzzy, but worth 2 min and 30 sec of your time

Last night, Sly Fox and Oskar Blues teamed up to make the case for cans.
Marty Jones of OB and O'Reilly wrote a song. It went something like this...

March 9, 2009

10! Show tomorrow.

I'd be kind of silly not to plug the fact that I will be chatting beer week with Bill Henley and Lori Wilson tomorrow on the 10! show.

The 10! show actually airs at 11. Not sure when I'll be on. But tune in if you can.

Today's lineup

3 pm BEER WEEK 5 K with Brian Oreilly and Adam Avery

5 pm TRIA happy hour followed by
6:30 pm TRIA Fermentation school

9:30 back To Bridgids Duvel/Ommegang night

12:30 Dogfish Head lunch at TERESA's
5:00 Southwark Happy Hour 1/2 off beers
7:00 Cheesesteak smackdown at POPE
8:00 Meet the brewers at Doobies. William Reed joins Brian at 22nd and Lombard.

March 7, 2009

Philly Beer Week Day 1- photos later

gosh darn it. I'm beat one day in.

Last night was
*Standard tap for the handing off of the HOG from the Philly Roller Girls. A firkin of standard ale was tapped.
*then Opening Tap- well run except for security was a pain.
*Then "meet the beer rep" Dan Conway for Left Hand (I came up with left handed rock paper scissors and lost three for three. One would never know I was once ranked 36th in the city;)

*then off to St. Stephens green to finally meet the man from Kalamazoo Larry Bell.
We chatted briefly. He got up on the bar and made sure everyone in the bar knew how special craft beer was.

He was drunk. So was everyone else.

No we're on to day two.
I'm gonna head over to Johnny Brenda's for lunch.
Then drink a few Sly Fox cans around center city for a can crawl.
Jose pistolas, misconduct tavern, and TIME.

Then a bit of South Philly.
Then KING PIN at standard.
This event should be pretty cool.

It's pay as you go. What local brewery can kick their pin first to be titled --the KING PIN of philly.

Come help me kick.

March 6, 2009

foobooz goes beer for today's METRO cover

Art Etchells has it pretty good. He's an IT guy for and has this little side job called foobooz. Most of you know foobooz...their schtick is to take the best of everything out there and condense if for one-stop browsing. Then visitors can click on links and find everything food and drink in philly.

Art also writes "The Bite" in the metro every Wednesday. But today, Friday, the first day of Philly's 2nd annual Beer Week, art's mug graces the cover.

He bopped around the city the other night in search of the finest beers available in Philly.
Here are his findings-=-=-=

Flying Fish Abbery Dubbel Firkin @ the Good Dog
O'REilly's Stout At the KITE and KEY
Tripel KARMELIET- Belgian Cafe
EStreLLA Damn indedit AMADA
Russian River Damnation @ South Philly Tap Room
Pennichuck Pozharnik @ the SIDECAR

Around Main feature on little 'ol me

I mentioned a couple weeks ago.

We hung out at Teresa's Next Door in Wayne had some pints and chatted about the Philly beer scene.

Here Sarah Lockard writes about my beerlife. She's very kind and the pics aint too bad either.
The article is great, and don't worry next time I see her I'm going to make sure she keeps her Chimay in goblets;)

They'll be covering the OPENING TAP tonight. photo credit : Mimi Janosy
Hope to see you all there.
If anyone can volunteer for the coat check, they still need people.
All donations go to the families of fallen officers.

Philly Beer Geek Finalists announced

Last night's Philly Beer Geek Semi-finals were filled with quips, poetry, jokes, and love for Philadelphia and its unsurpassed beer culture.

Philly Beer Geek was created and hosted by Carolyn Smagalski (The Beer Fox of Bella Online) and Jason Harris (Keystone homebrew).

I sat with a great judges panel including Chris Firey, Lew Bryson, Larry "I love the mic" Horwitz,
Joel of New Holland Brewing Co, and SCOATS.

It was hard deciding who should move on. I took a bunch of notes of humorous things said throughout the evening but alas I left them in Manayunk.

Kudos to the finalists....which include the femme fermental herself, Gina Talley.
She was representing the Institute on 12th and Green.
Gina started of a bit timid, but gained confidence by the end.
She won me over with some original work in the poetry/joke round. It was cute, Dr. Seuss style.

Other finalists include
Andrew Pope
Steve who also competed last year and is kind of in first place representing Grey Lodge
"Beer Island" Jim Weber
Doug Hager (owner of the upcoming Brauhaus Shmitz) who also performed a parody "wish you were beer"
Nate (spinnsertown hotel) a 23 year old that came back from Florida early to compete.

The finals are next Thursday at 8 pm.
Manayunk Brewing Co.

Celebrity Judges include
Steve Robson (Philly beer geek 2008)
Don Russell
Whitney Thompson (Victory Brewing co)
Dave Alexander (Brickskellar in DC)
Jack Curtin
and Chris Firey ( the man at manayunk brewery)

If you ever need an emcee for anything, you should see if Larry's available.
He's got it like that.

March 4, 2009

Just in: "The Thirsty Monk" in Mt. Airy

Just got a tip from beer pal and Mount Airy resident, Geoff Keston that a liquor license application has gone up in a storefront on Germantown Ave.

The Thirsty Monk, LLC. it reads.

And that's it for now....

Flying Fish Firkin tonight tonight involving a third party delivery of mallet plus Jack plugs

Tonight at 6 pm...Casey Hughes will be tapping a firkin of
Flying Fish's Abbey Dubbel.

It will be one of the firkins of a series leading up to the Opening Tap that involves this much talked about Mallet.
(Birthed of William Reed and Scoats)

Jack Curtin ran a post last week asking people for suggestions on what to call it. If you haven't seen it yet, have at it.

Also Jack has dug into his archives re: Philadelphia Beer back in the 1990s...If you've got the time, its definitely worth a read.

And lastly still Jackly...
Brunch on Saturday March 14th.
Uncle Jack Story Hour 11 am
Have some steak and eggs and story time with the man that inarguably has probably seen more than you. And definitely has seen more than me

This is why you're fat. This is why I'm fat.

Liz Einhorn of Boston Beer Co. reminds me a bit of myself back in the day. A young lass in her mid-20s working for the man, learning about beer, and pretending to care about fitness in her spare time. And other than her being Jewish, we have a bunch in common. Actually-she has invented "Jent" - Jewish Lent, which involves her not eating meat on Fridays...

One of the tidbits she's shared with me lately and I will now pass on to you is

"This is why you're fat."

A website dedicated to food photos and that's about all. Said food photos bare names such as
Lankford's Gluttoneer, and the 30,000 Calorie Sandwich. Note that the blog's actual subtitle is "Where dreams become heart attacks."

I've been complaining about being a "Gerd Nerd" lately. I have some kind of stomach acid issues. When discussing it with my older, ever-practical sibling Patricia, she told me quite bluntly, my issues are due to the fact that I eat like crap.

This also reminds me of the time in December where I got some-once again rather blunt- hate mail from a guy or gal calling me a "fat ass."

Giving up the swine for Lent will hopefully help with all of this. The key word being hopefully.
But if my time in the kitchen this evening is any representation of the next five weeks, I will probably remain fat.

Tonight I took a break from Beer Week organizing to work on a recipe for a Macaroni and Cheese showdown I have at the P.o.p.e in a few weeks. Here's "Heavy on the cheese" results.


March 3, 2009

Where in the Beer World #16

Hey it's been a while since I threw a "Where in the beer world?" at you.

So here goes.

Sly Fox Seamus Red on tap through St. Pat's.

Are you a Fool for Beer? Standard Tap to host preliminary round to Philly Beer Geek Wed. night

As mentioned earlier this week...we're still in the preliminary phase of Philly Beer Geek competition.

Tomorrow is your last shot to qualify for the semi-finals to be hosted at Manayunk Brewing co. on Thursday at 8 pm.

Wednesday is a bit of a switch up as most of the prelims were quizzos.
This is the creative genius of Will Reed and Ron Johnson once again at work.

Last year was haikus and limericks. This year will be the

Poems, Songs & Interpretive Dance reflecting your love for beer.
Sponsored by your friends at PHILADELPHIA BREWING CO.
I'll be judgin'

Here's the scoop:

* Solo acts only
* One free pint of beer to anyone not gonged
* Performance must be 30 seconds min., 2 minutes max
* Prizes awarded.

"Everything should taste like bacon" -=-=-Smashington prepares for "Smoke 'em"

For those of you that don't know I've given up meat for lent.
Well, most meat.
I am allowed and encouraged to eat Cheesesteaks as I prepare for my cheesesteak smackdown against Trevor from Lagunitas at the POPE next Tuesday night 7 pm.

He speaks of the Northern Cali funk and fury...I am getting rather nervous.

Putting the kibosh on bacon consumption for a carne crazed lady is not an easy task.
But the fine folks of YARDS will be providing hours of bacon beer on
Friday, March 13th. Starting at 12 pm. A bus will be going back and forth between YARDS "Smoke Em if you got 'em event" and Scoats' "Friday the firkinteenth" all day.

Steve Mashington, the "ninja" biz manager of YARDS, has been spending his limited spare time researching all things bacon in preparation for his day of all things smokey.

So far his findings include baconaiise and bacon chapstick.
( I currently have a stick in my possession).

The line up of beers is going to be great. Even some out of towners. Check out the list here.

Avoid doing work a bit longer with this video viewing of one baconhead's journey across america to share his passion for the pork.

March 2, 2009

philly beer geek preliminaries

It'll be a week of Beer Geek preliminaries

Bridgids 24th and Aspen
8 pm Beer Quizzo
(and me bartending;)

World Cafe Live
6 till 8. The pbg website says 5 though.
$2 Yards IPA, Brawler, ESA, and Philly Pale bottles. Quizzo and other drinking related events. Teams of no more than 4.

Spinnerstown Hotel
Beer Trivia at 8 pm

Standard Tap will be hosting
"The beer gong show" 8 pm

Poems, Songs & Interpretive Dance reflecting your love for beer. * Solo acts only * One free pint of beer to anyone not gonged * Performance must be 30 seconds min., 2 minutes max * Prizes awarded. * Winner continues on to the semifinal round of the Philly Beer Geek Competition. * You must be 21 years or older. ***Sponsored by Philadelphia Brewing Company***

Then THURSDAY, MArch 5th
Semi Finals @ 8 pm @ Manayunk Brewing Co.