April 30, 2009

Changing of the Guards

The Brewing Palace of West Chester is about to undergo a major changing of the Guards. The men you see here are not just ceremonial guards but also brewers. While upholding the traditions of the past, they also perform duties throughout the industry as professionals and are known as some of the most elite and skilled brewers in the Brewing Army.

Chris Lapierre will bittersweetly resign from his responsibility of guarding the WC kettles with a bash. He will move on to open Iron Hill's 8th location in Maple Shade, New Jersey. (Due to open in July).

Thursday, May 7th at 6 pm... 3 Gay St. West Chester

Come meet the new West Chester Guard, Larry Horwitz. The brewers thought it would be appropriate for you to see what you're in for so they will be putting some of Larry's North Wales stash on...and you can expect to see some of Chris's cellared beers as welll. There will be some appetizers out and prizes awarded.

Come wish them well. I bet you can even get your picture taken with them- just like the do at the Real Buckingham Palace.

April 29, 2009

Wrestling Figure Quiz

Perhaps some of you possess the affinity for Old School wrestling that I do.

I know almost everything there is to know about wrestling from '84 to '94.

And not just WWF....
I supported other federations....like UWF, NWA, and AWA as well.

Instead of having a normal birthday party like most 7th graders do with late night stories and frozen bras...I got to go to the spectrum to see Randy "Macho man" Savage and the Ultimate Warrior.
I even got the Big Boss Man's autograph that night. He's Dead. Most of them are. Heart Attacks.

But Macho Man's still ticking.... And keeping Slim Jim stock up.

So why all this ring talk?

Johnny Goodtimes posted this Mental Floss Quiz today on figurines...and if any of you have let's say 4 minutes....and have fond memories of the Junk Yard Dog (also dead) you should take it.

Most IHAS posts involve beer...so open up a quaffable for your quiz.

The score to beat (which is mine) is 10 out of 14. Kudos to Piano Man, Steve Odabashian for scoring an 11.

Oh and lastly I just found a part two....

April 28, 2009

Off to Morris Plains, NJ for a day in the off-premise.

April 27, 2009

All things Alison-=-=-

As you already know...a big Sly Fox dinner is on the Horizon at Alison two.
Its a steal at $59 inclusive.
You can take Septa there from the city.
I'll be there, Brian will be there...heck- even Lance will be there.
Menu is nothing short of impressive....

Tomorrow night is Alison @ Blue Bell's 6th aniversary.
maybe you should celebrate with a bottel of beer (or wine) and dinner sometime this week.

Alison two has started carrying cans....drink up some Oskar Blues or Sly Fox on their recently opened patio.

They are also doing intimate Tuesday tastings. They are guided tastings in the back room.

Tomorrow night go Gonzo with Flying Dog.

BEER BUS-= Philadelphia Bus chartered for Goat Races this Sunday

Its Goat Race time.
This year's theme is "Rock out with your bock out"

Goat race bus will depart for Phoenixville Triumph 12 pm
Plenty of cans will be on the bus till we get the goat festivities.

You can count on at least 5 bock beers being on tap including 2 eisbocks.

Last year we kicked 65 kegs in 6 hours

It's a guaranteed good time.

Weather forecast is Mostly Sunny
High in the upper 60s

I think its about $27 for the bus. If its packed it could be less.

Please email me asap @ beerlass@gmail.com if you would like to reserve a spot.


April 26, 2009

Legal Sea Food's Test Kitchen's sink is for handwashing only....

What would other article might you try to put in the Legal Seafoods Test Kitchen Sink?

My answer:
I would try to wash my dungarees since I didn't get a chance to all week.
(They are in the dryer now though).

Where in the Beer World #18

Where in the beer world? (no guessing lance!)

Catching up on emails in Guilford, Ct. Back to Philly tomorrow.

April 21, 2009

Beantown Bound

Leaving in twenty for Boston. The Sly Fox gang is riding up together. We're going to have our Monday morning meeting in O'Reilly's car for 7 hours;)

I've never been to the Craft Brewers Conf. before. I've done my schedule for the week, and will be doing all sorts of seminars. Mostly marketing, and I threw in one on Beer and Health.

I am also attending the Pink boots Luncheon- which reminds me I have to pack my new Hot pink boots. They're outrageous (and not in a good way) but I got them for $7.99. And you can't argue that.

On Friday, Lance and I will continue to journey north to Portland, Me for my birthday. I've never been to Portland but nothing says 31 like a coastal city with good beer.

I will try to update throughout the week. And I have many weekend stories to share as well.
Like climbing 3 stories on a wooden ladder to see the top of a grist mill on Sat....then Sunday- dropping and thus shattering a bottle of Sly Fox indoor poolside at a resort.

I still think we got a new Sly Fox placement there despite my clumsiness.

There were many adventures. And I am sure this week will provide the same.
PS: don't forget about the Alison two dinner
PPS: Enjoy earth day...drink a can.


April 17, 2009

Fork Washington : Sly Fox Beer Dinner @ Alison two

There are many things to love about Alison two in Fort Washington, but beer is- of course- at the top of my love list.

From day one, Beverage Director Tom Pitakkas has brought his beer passion to the establishment. Pitakkas- a homebrewer himself, has quite the palatte and quite the lineup.
Alison two only have 8 handles I think, but they are all well thought out ranging from Russian River to Ommegang rouge...they now pour O'Reilly's stout as well.

Sometimes I get beer dinnered out-but I've been lucky lately. I had a wonderful time at Spinnerstown two weeks ago and now I am really looking forward to this one. The price is right for the amazing food that will be placed before you.

The night will start intimately with a reception on their back room (fireplace and all).
We'll gather there for about a half hour or so...then head into the dining room.

The MOST exciting part is the Fort Washington Train Station is right across the st.
So Philly beer folk- you have no excuse;)

SEPTA R5 to doylestown
5:50 leave suburban
arrive in Fort Washington at 6:26

m e n u for wednesday May 6th-=

Hors d'oeuvres:
Frito Misto, Butter Ponzu, Cod, Sawagani Crabs
Broccoli Bites with Robiola with Royal Weisse

Hanger Steak Tartare, Rye Ice Cream, Green Apple
with Christmas Ale

Ricotta Gnocchi & Mussels Gratin, Smoked Tomatoes Ras El Hanout with Rt. 113 IPA

Fried Pork Cheeks, Brussels Sprouts Choucroute with O’Reilly’s Stout BBQ Sauce with O’Reilly’s Stout

Bittersweet Chocolate Layer Cake, Chocolate Sorbet
with Ichor, a quadruple Abbot-style ale

Diners get ALL of the dishes on the menu with the beer pairings for $56 per person including tax and gratuity. Limited seating available. Reservations needed. Call 215/591-0200.

*Menu items may change based on market availability.

April 15, 2009

always look on the sunny side...

So this weather blows....and it seems like there's no end in sight....but alas-there is....
The alliteration happy folks of cbs.com have some good news....

Memphis's Jesse Kimball @ Foster's tonight!

The man that brings you coconut bacon and the dreamiest mac this side of Wisconsin is doing a demo (you get to eat!) at Fosters tonight.... tickets are only $35 (That's cheaper than a parking ticket- this is how i assess how I spend my money).

Kicks off at 5:45.
4th and Market

April 13, 2009

In Pursuit of a Greener World: Sierra Nevada hosts IPA

IPA women's beer club will get the opportunity to hear Patrick Mullins of Sierra Nevada speak on Wed. April 15th @ Bridgids.

Its an open invite.

There will be a firkin of Sierra Nevada Stout
Summerfest will be released
and they'll also have Torpedo IPA

Go time is 7:30.
Kitchen will stay open later as well.

Also to celebrate earth month.... the ladies of IPA
need 4 more ladies to make a team for this weekends "clean air" 5k.

Please email me by tomorrow beerlass@gmail.com

Off to bridgids for the night-=-=


April 10, 2009

PW Spring Mix a Six-=-now online

My newest PW bit is online...
"Six beers that go great with Good Weather."

I am still writing beer for PW online about every 3 weeks.

Went to the Doc today and I appear to be in good health. She asked, "Do you drink?"

Happy weekend. Happy Easter.

skull splitting

See you tomorrow for some pre-egg hunt barleywine.

Sugar Mom's

1 pm.

You've probably already seen the line up but here goes...

out the list after the jump.

  • Victory Old Horizontal
  • Stone R.I.S.
  • Pbc Philabuster Wheatwine
  • Sly Fox Panacea
  • Founders Backwoods Bastard
  • Rock Art Vermonster
  • Kulmbacher Eisbock
  • Flying Fish Hoppy 3x
  • Iron Hill Gold Barleywine
  • Porterhouse Aged Old Ale
  • Voodoo Love Child
  • Maybe Aged Brooklyn
Think Flights-=-=

The Sly Fox Pancea will be flowing.

Also look for the pancea at the following locations in the next week or two (I don't know when bars actually tap it).

The grey lodge
Standard tap
Devil's Den
South Philly tap room

April 9, 2009

Fishtown beer runners tonight @ St. Stephen's Green

It's Thursday. It's beautiful out.
And the Fishtown Beer Runners are on for tonight.

If you haven't joined them yet....you should. Just show up here....
7 pm sharp
David April's house (2346 E. Susquehanna Avenue) in Fishtown

St Stephens (so probably make it there by like 7:45-8ish).

St. Stephen's green

It's casual. A group of great gals and guys that run and drink "in the interest of science."

Gotta love it.

Their mission
1) to encourage people to exercise by running (or walking)
2) to provide friendly camaraderie for all who hate to exercise

3) to promote the responsible enjoyment of QUALITY beer

4) to support local tavern owners

I've got a Sly Fox event at Upenn but then I hope to head over to St. Stephen's.

April 8, 2009

Welcome to Mastoris. We will feed you. Lots.

In a not so far away land named Bordentown, lies a diner, and not just any diner, but the diner.
Mastoris is a spot that Lance and his family would go sometimes in his youth.

They are known for greeting each table with cheese bread and cinnamon bread. There are many fans out there still holding out for a combo bread.

Most people are overwhelmed by the 300 + items on the menus. Lance and I conducted thorough internet research prior to arriving. A "yelper" suggested that you walk in there knowing what you're in the mood for, and take it from there.

Seemed like Lance was thinking "sandwich," and I was thinking "fish entree."
Normally I wouldn't eat fish at a diner (and I probably won't again)- but based on all these "credible" yelp reviews, I thought I could gamble. Reviewers made it seem more like a restaurant than a diner.

The diner business has been the Matsoris business since 1927.
They started out on wheels, a lunch wagon. And look at 'em now....Sort of reminds me of those Fetfaltzes of Bella Vista Beverage.

The portions are massive. As this yelper, Chris, writes:

"Mastori's is like the nexus of all diner realities. I would actually hesitate to call it a diner proper, because of its gargantuan size, but more like a full-size diner theme restaurant. When you walk in, your first stop is a bakery filled with every dessert or pastry you could possibly want. If it whets your appetite for some baked goods, you're in luck, because as soon as you sit down you are given complimentary cream cheese bread and cinnamon bread. Everything off the HUGE menu comes in equally huge portions and is just good-tasting stuff. Even the most obese of my friends struggle to finish everything on their plate."

So Lance opts for the Chicken Parm sandwich on Sunflower bread....
Me- a swordifsh in a mustard sauce. I am used to getting entrees where I am nervous I won't have enough sauce for my swordfish...here I was nervous my cholesterol was entering a danger zone.

I had a few bites and couldn't eat much more. I thought I was in some sci fi horror moving similar to the BLOB, where the sauce would suddenly gather into a deadly amorphous goop and attack lance mid-bite.

My sides were corn pudding and creamed spinach.
The creamed spinach looked like it had glue in it, but it was still enjoyable. It was the creamiest creamed spinach I ever had. The corned pudding had more "canned" taste to it than the worst homebrew I ever tasted.
But Lance said that was the beauty of it.

We ate in the "lounge" which looked like a creepy dated Bennigans.
There is also a diner room, a dining room, a patio, and banquet space.
I do suggest you go there if you are on the Jersey Turnpike.
It is only about 3 miles off of Exit 7.
Beer wise, you won't be surprised to see the usual suspects: Heinekin, Blue Moon, Yuengling etc.

Lastly, if you go make sure you walk away with some of there famous baked goods.
Just look at those doughnuts...

They're mutant!

April 6, 2009

Connoisseur's tasting @ Spinnerstown Hotel tomorrow night

Happy rainy Monday morning to all.
I wish this post would apply to all blog readers, but I know Spinnerstown isn't that close to the city.
Tomorrow night I am doing a very special tasting in the upstairs room at the Spinnerstown Hotel.

John and Hal will put out a variety of bites...and I will be guiding you through some of the Sly Fox Line up, sharing stories and talking about food and beer pairing.

If you'd like to join us (I don't think it's pricey at all) please rsvp to the folk at the Spinnerstown Hotel. And it's only 3 miles off the turnpike so you might just be there before you know it.

(215) 536-7242

April 3, 2009

The results of P.o.p.e.'s Macaroni Madnessssss

Why does he look so glum?
He shouldn't....Michael Fava of Nodding Head
is the esteemed champ o' cheese.

He "crafted" a mac out of Monkey Knife Fight beer and lobster. (noodles and cheese too).
In a room full of enticing elbows, his stood out. His boss, Curt Decker, is proud of the Member's Only Jacket club president. It's apparent that his talent with the kettle is equally present in the kitchen.

Silver medal goes to Tracey Mulligan and Victory Brewing co. Tracey incorporated roasted tomatoes and double thick bacon in her recipe. She also used Golden Monkey, thus the name"Golden Monkaroni."

The Bronze of the evening goes to Left Hand Dan Conway. It should be noted that Dan outsourced his culinary prep to sous chef Potsie, and Potsie did right by him. He cooked the butchered bacon in Sawtooth Ale. I think he used fusili pasta. I know he hit up Dibruno Bros. for cheese because he beat me there by 20 minutes on Monday.

I see-sawed on my smokey mac. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but others seemed too.
I used rauchbier, smoked paprika, fresh smoked mozz, some french cheddar that was one of the oldest in the world, and beamster gouda. I used some penne-like pasta that I got in the Italian market "Buy one Get one free."

I started prepping it at 3 and had to be there at 5:15. The heat was on. I tore apart my kitchen, grated all my cheese, and somehow pulled it together. I was most nervous about making the bechamel, but it turned out nice and creamy.
I just found out I got 15 votes. Not too bad. That would have put me in 4th place.
An honorable mention.

My reward was a couple beers on the Hewlett house and a new p.o.p.e. bumper sticker which was stuck on the suzaru this evening.

Other macs include

*Philadelphia Brewing Co's "Smack and cheese"
with pepperoni. (first one I tried all night, really enjoyed it).

*Dock St's Bacon Mac and cheese made with Man of Trouble porter.

Steve Mashington's "I'll get there when I can" four cheese with flat noodles and prosciutto mac and cheese

Wendy from Dogfish Head made a special gruyere mac and cheese with a 90 minute cheese sauce.

Chili, soup, Cheese Steaks, Mac and Cheese....It's been a busy four food months.
I'll be taking a break from Food contests for just a little bit...They cost too much, and nothing for nothing, I never win....

But when I'm back, you'll be the first to know.


Rattling and Humming in NY

Corey Reid (Sly sales too) and I were in New York at a Rattle and Hum promo on Tuesday night.
I hadn't been up there since the Pier fest in Sept. so I thought it was time. Corey's been traveling a lot and thought he might enjoy someone along for the field trip.

The Rattle and Hum bar is fairly new, but off to a good start. Irish owner Patrick apparently loves his Cask beer as much as U2.
They always have- 4- casks on tap.
It was no suprise that the NY caskmaster himself, Alex Hall, was there "cheersing" folks throughout the night.

Rattle and Hum always has an event on the Horizon. Stone Brewing is up next and then in a week they'll be doing US vs Belgium. Check out the list here...
April is also English Cask month at R and H-from their blog:

On April 11th at 2pm over 6,000 venues across the UK will try to smash the World Record for the Largest Toast. The current record stands at 485,000 people.

WE NEED YOU! Raise a pint of cask ale at Rattle ‘N’ Hum . LETS BREAK THE RECORD!

Casks available that day are: Westerham ‘Grasshopper Bitter’, Hook Norton ‘Hooky Gold’ & Ridgeway ‘Foreign Export Stout’

We will also have a special release from Sixpoint on cask.

The landmark event is part of a week long festival, National Cask Ale Week, which takes place from April 6-13 across the pond. Here at Rattle ‘N’ Hum we a celebrating the event for the whole month of April with four casks on at all times from England.

After the promo (poured 8 Sly) we went to the East Village tavern.
Also a great selection of beer. Sly Fox Renard D or and the Hop project were on tap. We finished up the night at Puck's Fair. I ventured there on thanksgiving of 2006. It was wonderful to see Helles Lager on tap, and even better to hear they go through 3 halves a week.
We took it fairly easy...
For the next day was macaroni madness, and my dish was -of course-=not made.

The never-ending brunch

Sunday was the first day in a month I had zero to do. No A. C. No beer week. No quizzobowl. No family event. Nothing. Lance and I decided we would hit up the Abbaye.

He's a biscuits and gravy guy, and I think the 3rd and Fairmount watering hole represents the cholesterol-laden loveliness quite well.
I went in there thinking, "bloody mary," but quickly switched to beer when I saw the Elysian Esb on. For some reason I ran into Dave Buhler everywhere over beer week...I was already a fan, and now even moreso. Lap started with the Kira Wit. He enjoyed it. We're still a bit baffled by Blanche de Bruxelles all over the city. We had "beer school" at the wine school this week, and even instructor Dean Browne mentioned it was his favorite Belgian Wit. I definitely don't want to see Hoegaarden, but Allagash and South Hampton will hopefully get even more play, or perhaps this Kira brand. He moved on to the Piraat afterwards, and shared a dislike of its increase in phenolics. I agree.
Add Image
The food was g-o-o-d. That's what my pop always says- but he says food in the same pronounciation as food. The temporary vegetarian in me got a cheddar omelette with caramelized onions, spinach, cheddar, and beans. It was mexi-style with the addition of the beans. They even had a bit of a pOp. The bread was cut thick. And toasted perfectly.

Lance didn't feel that just biscuits and gravy was enough to hurt his heart, so he ordered it with chicken tenders and bacon on it as well. The surprise visit of jennie hatton, made the brunch all the more delightful.

We moved on to the Druid's Keep. Sunday was beautiful out, well until the hailstorm hit. The gent actually debuted his new Lemond bike (that he built) on the Streets of Philadelphia that day.

We hung out in the backyard of the "keep." All the usual suspects- smash, casey, paul, fava, and all their lady friends. We played corn hole and drank brawler. We reminisced about Prom 2008 and there was also a dance off (the dueling dancers shall remain nameless, but Mashington was involved.)

After a while, a few needed a bit of sustenance, so they grabbed a bowl of chili. At this point, the popsicle weather had taken a turn toward comfort food, and chili seemed just perfect. (unless you're not eating meat...). Druid's tops off their chili with hot dogs, american cheese, and jalapenos. Guinea Pig, Tara Lutz aka"Chicken Wing" said it was "mom mom style deliciousness."

It's now nearing 8 pm, and I decide that not going to Jose Pistolas to hear Dennis (DJ Den Jams) from the P.o.p.e. (pub on passyunk east) and Adam from the Sidecar play records isn't an option. I definitely clocked in there. I told the Dj's they weren't allowed to deejay too often together. Whiskey wandered its way into my hands, Washington Ave. soft pretzels were involved and the rest is indeed, history.

April 2, 2009

Rewind < <

Saturday was the 5th annual Quizzobowl. It might just be the largest quizzo contest in the world.

This showdown took place at the New Golden Palace on 8th and Washington. Its rather large. And it was the perfect venue if you don't count the actual food they serve up. Hate to say it, but nothing royal about it.

I wonder if they fill the entire restaurant on a Friday night-or if it just exists for weddings and Johnny's entertainment. Johnny put on the ritz securing a Hall and Oates cover band, "Haulin Oats."
He also had Chinese dragon dancers. I co hosted as "ginger"

Sly Fox sponsored the beer. The crowd drank down 2 halves of Pikeland Pils and 2 halves of Pale ale in no time. Pub and Kitchen was also a sponsor.

Photo: dj starr.
Teams were encouraged to wear uniforms. My favorite being the team sporting John Oates quotes.
Runners up were the "Watering Holes" a team that all dressed in thematic bar garb. Writer, Dave Allen, dressed like "Nodding Head" another team mate was dressed like "Doobies" and a lovely young lady pulled off "Copa Banana"
Second Place overall-=-

photo : DJ starr
The champs , Lambda Lambda Lambda, whom won last year's quizzobowl retained their titled and I managed to drink just two beers by the time it was all over. The after party was at Downey's. Nice wood floors, but quite possibly one of the worst beer lists in the city. I asked if any craft beer was available in bottles after seeing the towers void of it and they gave me my favorite answer, "Yuengling." I actually opted for a Guinness which the bartender proceeded to pour into a plastic cup, like I was some toots on the Erin Express two weeks ago. After finishing the stout, I had a rather brilliant idea; I thought perhaps they had a better beer selection on the first floor... Indeed, they had Flying Fish xtra pale and Chimay. I hadn't had a Chimay White in ages, so that was the second and last beer of the evening. I would be up and at em early...for brunch, a brunch that would never end...