September 30, 2009

In Pursuit of Ale meets tonight @ London Grill

In Pursuit of Ale meets @ London Grill tonight
23rd And Fairmount
well talk about food and beer pairing
plan halloween SMASH
and talk homebrew

see you there ladies.

There he goes again...bringing Gold back to Chaddsford

Ryan Michaels of McKenzies brewhouse wins his SECOND gold medal in 3 years for Saison Vatour. It was the first beer I drank after the medal ceremony (drank Phoenix pale ale during)
and it was spot on perfect. Congrats Ryan...

Happy Birthday Big Sis

Today is my older sister's birthday.
mother of kellen and tanner (that's kellen right there>)
wife of brandon (the devil)
and one of the most beautiful people walking.

She likes running, eating healthy, and is actually the only family member that reads this blog.

One time she even let me come into her house and chat beer with her mom's club.

Happy birthday Patty. I love ya!

Photo:Noelle Roberts

September 29, 2009


I don't have time to do a whole GABF post so i'll do it in bits and pieces.
This one goes out to Gordon Grubb of Nodding Head...taking home a silver for George's Fault (george hummel recipe I believe) and a bronze for the Pruit phunk...

Smiths Sampling Tonight -(tuesday)

I will be pouring Sly Fox beers at SMITHS bar and lounge just north of 19th and Chestnut this evening....

We should start the complimentary tasting around 6:30.
Come by and say hi.

Oktoberfest will be pouring. Not sure if you've had it yet...but its worth a stop on by...
plus you get to find out all about my denver experience.

I'll also have some DUNKEL- fresh from the brewery.
I think we'll be in the room off to the side.


September 28, 2009

Done did Denver

Boy- am I tired. I was up to all hours trying to get caught up and was awoken bright and early by an appliance repair man...As Stephanie Tanner would say on Full House,"How rude!"

Then, I made a pot of coffee just to find out I had no milk. I took a stroll down to the Italian market where I ran in to the lovely Christine Carey and Fergies other little lady. Christine told me her name and its already escaping me. She's 2 and she's adorable. Her eyes smiled the most magical smile and my day seemed to pick up a bit.

Now I am trying to make sure that the Pourhouse has all our beer for our dinner on Thursday.
the schwarz has yet to arrived and we're trying to make sure we've got black razz bottles in the state of new jersey...The dinner looks great and I will post that separately. you can even take patco to the westmont station if you want to join
Wendy Domurat and myself on Haddon Ave. Thursday, Oct. 1.

I will be doing a recap of Denver asap. Read about all the medal winners on my twitter or here at the BeerYARD site.

Big, Hugh, sky high ups to Casey Huges of Flying Fish for taking home GOLD for the competitive Belgian American Cateogory. Here he is as gangster as he could ever be>>>>

September 24, 2009

Two things to consider today

Greetings from Denver.

If I were in Philly I would be doing one of two things today. Coincidentally- they both involve the bird.

thing #1

Visiting Mark from Bebe's bbq in the Italian Mkt.

His Bbq heaven is just north of Washington.

Surprisingly enough I have only had the chicken there, but you can be assured that the approaching "porktoberfest" will have photos of his slabs.

Bebe's gets a lot of well-deserved buzz. I just hope that people are listening to the reviews and headed there themselves.

You can even follow them on twitter-=-=
Thing #2
Meme LUNCH with David Katz's Fried Chicken
and biscuits
and BEER
Meme only does this on thursdays. check it out at 22nd and Spruce.
Meme is also having another HOMEBREW event in November. Details to come.

September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Legend

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guys.

Today Bruce Springsteen turns 60.
Mary's dress has been waving since 1975. (although originally called Wings for Wheels and doesn't even mention Thunder Road once)
I wasn't even born yet.
My older brother wasn't even born yet.
Thunder Road is my favorite song of all time.
It's epic.
I still remember trying to learn all the words to this song while I was in college for the silliest reason. But I'm glad I did.
I remember the fall of 2004- I was working for World Cafe Live when XPN was conducting the 885 countdown. The countdown was ending on a Friday at happy hour right before David Dye's Funky Friday. I was miserable. I felt like my relationship with my boyfriend of the time was coming to an end. He had clocked out months earlier...but we hadn't offically pulled the trigger.

David Dye mentions "we have an upset at number one"--- I had no idea what to expect, but I hadn't heard Thunder Road at all during the times I had tuned in. Could it be? I mean-=-
it's my number one- but would Philadelphia agree?
I heard the first note...and if I remember correctly- I cried.

That same boyfriend taught me the difference between happy tears and sad tears.
My sadness over him and us abruptly vanished and was replaced by something that was solid in my life. Someone that still made me smile. Someone that stood that test of time and was there for me in my childhood just as much as the gals I shared best friend charms with.

Once again, his guitar talked to me on I-76 sitting in traffic that afternoon, and I finally noticed that the sun was actually shining the entire day
God- I would love to have a beer with him.
Happy Birthday Bruce.
There are so many versions on youtube. This one is from 1975.

Monks takes TOP honors on MY FOX Philly

My Fox Philly 2009 votes have been tallied and the

goes to MONKS CAFE...

It's nice to see that despite so many up and coming beer destinations in Philly (makes my job great) Monks is still standing apart.

Still serving the city's favorite moules and frites as Tom Peters and Fergie Carey pursue the world's finest beers (and have some of the best people pouring them.)

2- Grey Lodge



5-South Philly Tap Room

Sammy C headed to the Penn Museum October 8th

On October 8th, Sam Calgione will join
Biomolecular Archeologist, Patrick Mcgovern, at the Penn Museum for "Uncorking the Past"
It will be an evening of ancient and extreme brewing with an extremely entertaining man.
Buy Tickets here. I reckon it's gonna sell out.
Get in on it while all the beer geeks are out in Denver.
$45 for museum members
Patrick McGovern will sign his book Uncorking the Past
the quest for wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages...

Resurrection Ale House -=5 pm TONiGHT!!!

Grub St. has great photos of Resurrection Ale House which is opening to the thirsty public at 5 this evening.
I'll be at the Philadelphia International Airport.
But you should go and try chef Joe Chmiko's Twice Fried Chicken with watermelon and salted honey.
Actually come to think of it- I think lite bites will be available...but perhaps not the entire menu.
congrats to the Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft- again.

1959: High Life and Hotdogs

I saw this Poster the other day at Royal Tavern

May 9, 1959
"when good taste comes first
naturally Miller high light is the first choice
not only because this superb beer is so good with food-but also because Miller high life is the standard of excellence in American beers"

At the bottom of the poster, there are 3 photos...
*Hotdogs with High Life
*Cheese with High Life
*Chicken with High Life

Just to think they were thinking beer and food pairing back then...

September 22, 2009

Lance Romance-= from Dancing to Denver

Lance Romance left me for a week. Every year he does Denver a bit early. Or I guess I should say colorado at large. He headed out with Jennie Hatton to the backwoods of Colorado. He told me he wouldn't talk to me till Tuesday.

Inclement weather sent them back to civilization just a bit early. This is a snapshot of their lodge across from a brewpub.

I think they're in Boulder but he be incommunicado so I am not quite sure.

I can tell you that he was quite excited to get away. He sent himself off right.

He had "beer club" and "Whiskey club" with Dave Garry of Good dog/ Swift Half enterprises and Casey Hughes of Flying Fish on Thursday while I was at a promo at the Coppermine Pub in North Arlington, NJ.

I arrive back home and Lance is feeling good after the evening of bromance in Northern Liberties. He insists on going to 1601. I usually wouldn't oppose but the fork has been thrusted into my chest...and I am done... But I can't say no to there we are illegally parking at 10th and Tasker so he can have a beer at 1:20 in the morning.

He insists on having the most fun possible.... continuously saying "I'm at "16S0fun"

He proceeds to dance to anything from the sounds to the police.

Suddenly he gets this crazy look in his eyes and starts dancing on his barstool.

I am 50% embarrassed and 50% entertained.

So I was thinking to myself " I should stop this- he's really overdoing it, but all the was the best thing I'd seen in a long time.

He has a few different moves. Maybe he's busting some out in Boulder right now!

September 21, 2009

Bite of the Week: Royal Tavern Pork Burrito

I wanted to wait till Porktoberfest kicks off on October 1- but I can't because its a special... It may have actually disappeared from the chalkboard already....

I had lunch at Royal Tavern on Thursday with the "Ommegang Queen" Megan Maguire.
Her beer Hennepin made it to the Royal Tavern before she I figured she should go by, check it out, and introduce herself.

I worked there for about a year 05-06.
It's a great bar, and still has some of the best food in the city.
I ordered the Pork and Manchego burrito with green chiles.
It would sort of make my life if they added this to their menu full time.

September 18, 2009

Free Sly Fox and Folk -=-TONIGHT in Fishtown

Drink up some complimentary Sly Fox (bottomless- i believe) while enjoying an enchanting fall evening with three of the Philadelphia area’s most alluring folk acts: Lewis & Clarke, Meg Baird and Sir Charles Latham, now performing under the moniker Death Panel. Also currently showing in the gallery space at 2424 Studios are new works by Noel Hefele, Ron Johnson (STANDARD TAP), Shane Leddy, Matt Maloney, and Michael Xander.

Presented by Philebrity

Join em (wow-there are such things in life that are free)


2424 studios

2424 E. York St.


OKTOBERFEST TOMORROW @ the Armory-=- Get your Tickets Today

I'm sure many of you are waiting to the last minute...but the weather's supposed to be nice...

74°F | 52°F

Buy in Advance today and hold onto that Hamilton
$40 in Advance
$50 at the Door
VIP (start and hour earlier, complimentary buffet and larger glass)

from their website

VIP Entry an hour Early!
Admission: $40 ($50 at the door)
VIP : $75 (includes food* and souvenir liter)
Designated Driver : $15

Oompah bands, Allstar mummers band
Oktoberfest foods, pumpking foods

Check out for the full list.

As if I didn't love fruity pebbles enough: Varga cereal icecream sampler

There was a lot of controversy over Varga being on foobooz's top 50 bars list at such a high placement.

I've always had great time there... and without revealing my entire top 10- I will say that Varga placed as an honorable mention on my own
submitted list.

I wrote

" it's in mint condition. I like the feminine look to it...women might want to try beers they never heard of before. It softens the image of beer. They also do growlers to go..which has saved me on a night at 1:50 in the morning."

But the purpose of this Post- is to let everyone know about the delectable frozen treat Evan Turney is serving daily.

Cereal Ice Cream sampler. This is not merely cereal with a few stale crunchies and crumbles atop. This is cereal crushed down to a powder and emulsified into the ice cream.

We had fruity pebbles, honey comb and cookie crisp.

The ice creams rotate.
Im looking forward to apple jacks and golden grahams.
Ice cream should be proceeded by Ribs and cheesy grits.
The treadmill will be waiting for you tomorrow.

September 17, 2009

What he Said...

Debut of Sly Fox's new Chester County Bitter- on cask tomorrow!

You don't want to make Nick Johnson angry, do you?

Nick Johnson will be repping TROEGS tonight at the Swift Half after 7 pm.

A firkin of nugget nectar!
I thought this was a January release so I am a bit confused...but whatevs.
It's delicious beer I will drink it any ol month.

I do kind of like that it comes out in Jan-= the same week Bells releases their HOPSLAM- so you can compare the two.

So head to the Piazza...

I will be in North Arlington, NJ.

Blue Ox Tomorrow night! Take the r8 out to Fox Chase for a few

Tomorrow night-=

I join forces in Fox Chase with Ommegang's Megan Maguire. The same woman who's on the record as saying things like "super awesome and super delicious"

The Blue Ox will be pouring our

Sly Fox Oktoberfest, Sly Fox Abbey Extra,

as well as Ommegang Abbey and Ommegang Witte.

They will be offering fix price food pairing menu with the beers and Oktoberfest bratwurst from Rieker's
CITY DWELLERS-=- Take the Septa r8 out

I doubt any of you live in North Jersey but if you do- I will be at the Coppermine in New Arlington this evening with this Sly Fox lineup:

O’Reilly’s Stout
Pikeland Pilsner
Royal Weisse
Saison Vos
Incubus Abbey Tripel
Ichor (keg conditioned)
Abbey Dubbel
Robbie Burns Scottish Ale

September 16, 2009

Farm to SPTR

I heard about this months ago. I can't believe its actually here.

South Philly Tap Room made my top ten list as a contributor to the TOP 50 Bars on Foobooz.

I am debating whether or not I am going to post my top 10 (plus 3 honorable mentions) I do sell beer and I don't want to piss anyone off. There are so many amazing bars in this city...and to pick ten- was nothing short of stressful.

Back to the Farmhouse night at South Philly Tap Room.
They will welcome guest chefs for a special farmhouse dinner featuring farmhouse ales and ciders.

You can look forward to food from Southwark, Cochon, and Beneluxx(by the way...I'm banned from here because of a mean myspace blog I wrote in July of 2006- no-I'm not lying-=-so I've never had the food but I hear Nick Macri is an excellent chef-so I'm looking forward). Maybe the owner will be there and maybe we can even make up.

$75 you can get your tix here

St. Feuillien Saison
Lost Abbey Red Barn
St. Somewhere Saison du Chene
The Livery Maillot Jaune
Saison d'Erpe-Mere
Sly Fox Saison Vos

Etienne Dupont Sparkling Cider
Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere
Fantome Saison
Thiriez Blonde
Pretty Things Jack D'Or ...and much more!!

September 15, 2009

VARGA - In pursuit of Ale Meeting this Wed

Ladies of In Pursuit of Ale-will be throwing them back (in style) at VARGA this Wed.


Space is probably pretty shoot me an email if you'd like to come out.They usually have plenty of outdoor seating, but I think the weather's going to be shotty and we'll have to stay in doors. Worst things have happened.

24 handles (ihncluding 2 handpumps)

and the delectable cuisine of Chef Evan Turney.

It's gonna be a good one.

As always suggestions are welcome for other locations (including suburbia).
Coming Up: Ressurection Ale House and London Grill (to be scheduled)
Also willing to hear ideas for "mixers"

He's like the Wind

Patrick Swayze, rest in peace. Thanks for the flicks.

When I think about Patrick Swayze- Roadhouse, Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, and Point Break come quickly to mind.

He didn't even make Dirty Dancing until he was 36.
I remember I had to wait till my mom went out to garage sales so I could watch it. I've probably watched it more than any other movie besides Better off Dead. My sisters and I use to try and do the "lift" that him and Jennifer Grey do at the end. To this day- whenever I embarrass myself- which is often- I quote the movie and say "I carried a watermelon...I carried a watermelon?"

For those that have never seen it- there's a stall tribute to him in the P.o.p.e. ladies bathroom. (im really not trying to be disrespectful here). I say you should toast his life and work in South Philly with some Voodoo beer tonight. There's a voodoo promo and brewer Matt Allyn will be there.

And here's the greatest bar fight of all time:

September 14, 2009

That's one big burger... first visit to Village Whiskey

Saturday afternoon was an ideal time to venture in to
Village Whiskey.

Lance had out of town company in. he was a bit upset with me for not telling him about the arrival of the new 20th and Sansom whiskery. He's like "I like whiskey and I like Jose Garces. You should have told me." If these are the things that put hiccups in our harmonious relationship, I guess we're doing okay- right?

VW- "a classic American Bar with whiskey and
bar snacks" had a lot of bites to start off with that
reminded me of my younger days.

Growing up in a family of was not just uncommon, but down right often, that we feasted on Mrs. Pauls fried clam strips and Ore Ida Tater Tots. It was easy. And I wasn't complaining.
VW had them Garces style presented with a variety of accompanying sauces.

Also deviled eggs, pickled beets and other pickled items were refreshingly nostalgic, bringing back memories of good ol' Harleysville.

They're now a contender for some of the best fries in the city- duck fat fries. But my full disclosure will reveal that they make their cheese sauce with Sly Fox Royal Weisse- so of course I'm going to think that they're the best.

My man took one look at his burger and picked up his flatware. Not so manly. But-it was monstrous. I ordered mine with smoked bacon, cheddar and carmelized onions. Med Rare. It was hard to handle, but whatever I could get in my mouth, was savored.We didn't do the fois gras burger...because truth be doesn't float my things I like to eat even though people protest it boat.

a 750 ML Saison Vos bottle was our beverage selection of the day.

They're also shaking and stirring up a bunch of pre-prohibition cocktails...but their beer list is definitely worth a looksie.


Lagunitas Czech Pils
Ommegang Hennepin
Founders Dirty Bastard (great burger beer)
Six Points Righteous Rye
Bear Republic Imperial Stout
HopDevil on the handpump


September 11, 2009

Got your gluttonous Saturday afternoon all set.

Northern Liberties Rib Off.

Despite several nightmares afterward- 'twas a good thing I ate a slab of Evan Turney's ribs at Varga bar on Wednesday night. It was training for the massive amount of grilled meat I will consume tomorrow at 2nd and Hancock.

The Northern Liberties Rib off is much bigger this year... It will include the following restaurants as well as an amateur competition.

Stoudts gets the privilege of sponsoring this year.
$20 for a bottomless cup.
Root liquor will also be around.

Here's the whole kit and caboodle of the event over at foodaphilia.

And How perfect is it that Johnny Brenda's is soooooooooooooooo close.
You can hit the pilsner picnic then head over for bbq
or shove your face filled of charred deliciousness then head to frankford and girard for some potato salad and a Sly Fox Keller Pils.

Yeah gluttony is where its at.

September 10, 2009

YARDS wins award. Mashington gets a new car.

YARDS who's twitter tagline is "Doing our best for the public good" just won a Penn Future award for being the 1st 100% Wind Powered Brewery in PA.

AND their business manager drives a Subaru.

You can squeeze one more picnic in- especially if its at Johnny Brenda's

Johnny Brenda's will be pouring a variety of local pilsners this Saturday....
They'll be featuring picnicky menus items like

cold fried chicken, deviled eggs, potato salad, ambrosia + lots more!

First 10 people to show up and order a pils and something off the picnic menu get a free Pils Picnis t-shirt!

The festivities officially start at noon and continue until late. Remember they have outdoor seating as well.

Victory Prima Pils
Troegs Sunshine Pils
Dock Street Bohemian Pils
Mc Kenzie Brewing Pils "Shane's Gold"
Iron Hill German Pils
Sly Fox Pikeland Pils
Sly Fox Keller Pils
Victory Spalt Select Pils

Victory Spalt Herzbrucker Pils

Stoudts Pils

That Elusive Sculpin....tonight @ the Khyber

Just got a reminder that it's Ballast Point night at the Khyber.

Happy Hour from 5 till 7.

Jeremy will be pouring their Double IPA- Dorado AND the Sculpin IPA- A California beer- not made from Russian River, Lost Abbaye, Firestone Walker, Stone.... that has beer advocates and geeks a like searching out what they believe to be one of the best IPAs in the country.

Have one for me.


YARDS Firkin of Cape of Good Hope to help Tom and Fergie celebrate two years at the Belgian Cafe tonight.


Terrapin continues their week long Philly Pub Crawl. One of the owners, and their do-it-all/ sales guy are hitting up all the spots. See prior blog. Tonight they're doing a dual event with Left Hand Brewing Co. @the p.o.p.e. The two breweries collaborated on a beer this year called Depth Charge.

They have a well executed wheat wine- Gamma Ray -11% watch out.
I also really want to try their Substance Abuse- a rich coffee stout brewed with a "wake n bake" coffee blend created by Terrapin and Jittery Joe's coffee than aged in JD Barrels.


September 9, 2009

Come by the General tonight

Good Afternoon. It's a bit of a drear out there today. But that's okay... Beer makes it all better.

Head to the General Lafayette Inn tonight. I will be there after 7. We'll be pouring a firkin of Chris Leonard's "Griffin Mild" and a firkin of Brian O'Reilly's 113 IPA.

Hope to see you there.

September 8, 2009

It's Turtle Time

Shangy's Distributors launches TERRAPIN Brewery in the Philly Market this week.

Now they're trying to destroy our livers right before Oktoberfest arrives. Cameron Saunders has lined up events all over this city.

And here they are...

WED- the 9th
8 pm The Pours
Big Hoppy Monster
Depth Charge
Gamma Ray
Substance Abuse
Rye Pale Ale
India Brown Ale

The following are all on Thursday the 10th
Foodery 10th and Pine 2 till 4 Meet the founder of Terrapin and sip on some free samples.

P.O.P.E.(Pub on Passyunk East)- Terrapin Touchdown Party 5-8 PM

This event will be celebrating the launch of Terrapin Brewing and the start of a new NFL season. With that being said, we will have our own face-off that night.
Terrapin Brewing will take on Left Hand Brewing in a winner takes all Battle of the Beers.
Big Sloppy Monster
Gamma Ray
Maggie's Farmhouse Saison
Depth Charge
Substance Abuse
Rye Pale Ale
India Brown

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout
Left Hand Pilsner
Left Hand Sawtooth

Sidecar Bar- Southern Fried Hippie Hoedown 8 PM +

This Southern Fried Hippie Hoedown will feature The Grateful Dead's album Terrapin Station in it's entirety, plus many other groovy tunes. They are also preparing some good ol' southern cooking to pair up with the beer.
Maggie's Saison
Big Sloppy Monster
Reunion Beer
Rye Pale
Gamma Ray
Sunray Wheat
India Brown
Depth Charge

FRIDAY the 11th
Terrapin Wake and Bake Lunch 11:30-2 PM

Come on down and enjoy some crazy good Mexican fare with a couple of Terrapin beers to help fight off the hangover from the night before.
Rye Pale Ale
Substance Abuse
Big Hoppy Monster
Maggie's Farmhouse Saison


Tasting 2-4 PM

Come and meet the founder of Terrapin and sip on a few free samples


JEFF Keel must really like turtles -he's closing down the block!
St. Stephen's Green
Terrapin Block Party 5-10 PM

St. Stephen's will be hosting an outside shin dig complete with a DJ, BBQ grilling, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine (hopefully) ! They'll will be pouring the beer on the streets outside. For $10 you will get tickets for three beers. $10 ? A portion of the proceeds are going to the Philadelphia Fire Department.
Substance Abuse
Gamma Ray
Big Hoppy Monster
Rye Pale
Sunray Wheat
India Brown
Wake and Bake


Devils DEN
Terrapin Release Party 8 PM +
This event will feature food pairings made especially for this event including Terrapin Soup, Southern cuisine, and a special turtle treat for dessert. There will also be turtle racing going on. Turtle racing you say? Come on down to see what in the world that is all about.
Rye Pale Ale
Substance Abuse
Depth Charge
India Brown
Sunray Wheat
Gamma Ray

September 7, 2009

woo hoo!

I headed to Memphis Taproom on Friday evening excited to dive into the first 11 beers on tap for Memphis Taproom's 2nd year of the Mystery Beer Weekend. (I recently learned something can't be labeled "annual" till its the 3rd year...)

I was a bit tricked by the American category. There were also many beers that could have fit into a few categories.
Lance Romance's c3 Heywood alone could have fit into 4!
But, I left there pretty confident and was anticipating round 2 the next day.

I was willing to devote my entire weekend to winning.

But a late night trip to that P.o.p.e. place made that goal disappear as quickly as my 15th anniversary Great Divide did a few hours prior.

I missed all of Saturday and thought I would go Sunday just for kicks. Pretty much just to see 2008 Champ, Jim Keaveney hold on to his golden chalice.

I gave it my best through the process of elimination. And I tried to get into owner and organizer, Brendan Hartranft's head a bit.

Which his wife warned me against later. "Don't ever do that," she said.

I was quite shocked when Brendan announced the winner.
I took it with 27 beers identified properly. Here are the results via their website.

I was thrilled. I may have blown the Biggest Loser competition, but at least I know my beer.
(I better, right?)

My winnings....

Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
De Dolle Oerbier Reserva 2002 and 2006
Aventinus 2001
Bos Keum Passbier
De Proef Flemish Primative
New Glarus "Unplugged" Imperial Weizen
His and Her Memphis Tees
St Bernardus 12 2002
2X Firestone Double Barrel Ale (SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious)
Firestone Pale 31
Hannen Alt Glass
Kwak Glass
Westvleteren Glass
and nice rubber blue laundry basket
and a container of double thick smoked bacon.

9.9.09: Sly at the General and Dogfish at the Belgian Cafe

Sly Fox will be at General Lafayette for a Firkin night this Wednesday.
I'll be there. Come out if you can.

If you're in the city and don't feel like leaving the city but want to drink a bevy of delicious beer...
Dogfish Head is taking over the Belgian Cafe to kick off their 2nd Anniversary celebration.

Here's the lineup

60 Minute IPA

90 Minute IPA

Midas Touch

World Wide Stout Palo Santo Tanks Photo: Bathtub Brewery

Immort Ale

Palo Santo Marron

Red & White

Black & Blue

Raison d'Extra

... and maybe a couple stray bottles of Fort (okay that's more than 9 but who's counting??)

On Tap

Festina Peche

Punkin Ale

90 Minute IPA

Things will get started early in the early evening, and they

may do some special premieres and giveaways ... for 9 minutes at 9PM

September 4, 2009

Because You Know I Love a Good Mystery

It was a year ago this Holiday weekend that I had one of my greatest achievements of the millennium. Here in Philadelphia at the MEMPHIS TAPROOM.

There was technically only one winner in Mystery Beer Weekend, the great palate of Homebrewer Jim Keavney, but I was an honorable mention, with 24 beers correctly identified out of 30 tapped.

I showed up late on that Friday to a tipsy Lance. He was all about it. I thought I love a good mystery, I can get into this. But then I devoted the rest of my weekend while people were slathered up in suntan lotion drinking cans of Pikeland Pils on the beach, I was surveying flights of beer and placing them in the proper category.

It was a challenge. There were some hybrid beers that could have fallen in a two diff categories.
Lance and I disagreed on a few things, but the outcome would prove better for one of us. Me.

So I just got back from Vacation, and its Mystery Beer Weekend time.
Commencing at 12 noon today.
and Lasting until 5 I think on Sunday.
the goals is to tap 11 different beers 3 times.
The best part???? Spanky has got a list of 33 beers NEVER poured at the memphis taproom.
What exactly is the BFM Mandragore? I guess I have to figure that out.

See you there.
Memphis and Cumberland

September 3, 2009

The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous and other Vintage Commercials

A couple of years ago, Brian O'Reilly and I were on a "ridewith" when he told me about
Beer Blast by Phillip Van Munchen. It details the history of beer from a marketing perspective.
It was out of print, but Lance Romance found a copy for me.
I hadn't had time to get into it till I went away.
I got through about 1/2 the book on my way to Traverse City. I couldn't put it down.

I knew of Schlitz as an "old time" beer but I had no idea what a huge player it was in the mid century beer wars. By 1973 it was the 2nd lager in the land next to Auggie Busch's Bud.

Here's a great "disco" commercial from the Commodores featuring Lionel Richie in which point Schlitz's sales were way down. Miller has passed them. The chapter is actually called "Schlitz Slits its Wrists." Credit to Gordon Grubb who told me about tons of vintage beer commercials available for viewing enjoyment on youtube.

After viewing about two dozen of them...i see different phases. They focused a lot on quality earlier on. By the late 70s into the 80s- it turned to a lot of endorsement. Various actors, and sports players were now advertising their "favorite" beers.

Here's a few more
Schlitz brings the party. ""Real gusto in a great light beer"

Schaeffer with Louis Armstrong:

Philly Beer Industry "Biggest Loser" comes to and end...and the "winner" is....

sort of.
Because Steve "big sexy red" Mashington of YARDS Brewing couldn't make the weigh in (or would be it be out?) tonight at Nodding Head.

A lot was on the line.
$225 and 9 bottles of great beer (the only catch was it couldn't be from your brewery).
Each contest struggling with weight gain due to the constant opportunity to drink weighed in on July 2.

Wendy Domurat of Dogfish Head and myself could have taken it more seriously. I know for a fact-on both July 3rd and July 4th Wendy ate cheesesteaks. The former vegetarian lost a pound though. Maybe she should keep up her visits to Jims.

But Tom Peters of Monks was rather committed. He was laying off the sauce all month (as he does every August). He was down 10 pounds within a week and a half.

I weighed in at exactly the same amount. But I see it as a good thing.
I went on vacation - eating and drinking my way across the Great Lakes state.
Tortilla Chips with blue cheese fondue, wings, red hots stuffed with pulled pork, scotch eggs, paella, t bones, spaetzle, pie, more pulled pork, etc...

The fact that I didn't gain any weight- must mean that I was down when I left...well- I'm just going to look at it that way.

We haven't received official word that Michael Fava, asst. brewer for Nodding Head, takes top honors because of Steve Mashington's no show.

But I saw the young Fava- He's down 16. And he looks gooooooooooooooooooood.
I like how he wore an extra baggy shirt so he would look even slimmer.

He rewarded himself with a monstrous sandwich from Nodding Head and Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls.

His plan was simple- "support the local farmer's markets, eat better, bike more.
Don't stop eating out, but stop eating fries."

Congrats in advance Mike.

September 1, 2009