December 31, 2009

"Catch me if you Can"

If you have nothing to do for a few hours today -other than reflect on your year and decade...get to Capone's and try to catch this on draft

bockor cuvee des jacobins rouge-=-

never heard of it. Tart, funky Belgian perfection.

December 30, 2009

"The If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it" New Years Eve plan

Last year was one of my favorite NYE's in a while.
It was my first one with Lance even though we had been together for nearly 2 years.
I think it went something like this....

A group of us started texting and calling sometime in the afternoon very casually- like "see you at Standard at 8" and we'll figure it out from there. We pulled two tables together, and they were soon filled with glasses of Golden Monkey, Mad elf and champers on the cheap.

There was probably about 15 of us.   It was like a non-event event.  No all you can drink, long lines, $75 a head bullshit.  Just a close group of friends hanging out at one of their favorite bars.

I would love to duplicate it this year.
Haven't really gotten a consensus.
But its also the Standard Tap's 10 year anniversary...
so I think it almost has to happen again.

Enjoy your New Year's where ever it may be...and try to keep el coche a la casa if possible.

You want something smoked? I'm you're gal!

I got a stovetop smoker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gift giver was none other than Lance Romance's mom, Pat.
He must have leaked the info to her.

I have wanted one for a year now.
This is so exciting.

If you live in the South Philly area and want something smoked just drop me a line.
I'll smoke it for you.
And in the future if you ever want to know what to get me for a gift (say around April 24th) wood chips is the answer.
Or any slab of meat.

He also got me Wusthof Ikon Chef's knife--which is now the sexiest thing I own other than my bike.
And Smart Wool socks because they're the best.

I also got a food processor (thanks Pop) a robe, slippers, fancy bottle stoppers from the raging panda, a gift certificate to Green Aisle Grocery, Gift Certificate to Dibruno Brothers (both these make great gifts if you're ever stuck), some jewelry, and oodles of Dove products from Lance's sister. My legs will be shaved for at least three months gratis!

Jay Brooks Year in Review

Straight out of Cali-=-=here's 2009 in rewind from Jay Brooks.

20 things you should know about beer- that you might already know

Here's a comic blog called "The Oatmeal" this posts discusses 20 things you should know about beer.

Give a Looksie

Shout out to Foobooz for making it his Gmail status.

December 29, 2009

Phoodie Awards 2009

Compiled By C.E. Flatt.
Check out some of this year's best in the biz

I'll Have Another Stout or Porter"

Here's a recent post for Philadelphia Weekly on a few stouts and porters I have enjoyed recently.

The Black Flag from Beer Valley was excellent and didn't put me into poverty either;)


December 28, 2009

Left-Hand Dan- A Birthday Salute via Photo

Today is Golden Guy Dan Conway's Golden Birthday.

I met Dan about 3 and a half years ago. He was working at the Foodery. I had just started with Sly Fox and was serving up Royal Tavern Burgers.

He's got great character, great dance moves, and a very unique way about him that makes him a great sales person in the industry. I always have bar owners telling me how great he is. Today it's my turn to say how great he is.  I will do so by revealing a few photos I have acquired over the years.
Hopefully he doesn't mind. Actually, he probably won't.


December 26, 2009

Who put this Beer in my Food? I'd like to thank them. Suggestions needed!!!

I love beer. I love food. I love using beer to cook food.

I've been scouting out some beer-incorporated dishes (desserts and apps included) around the city.
What are your faves? PLEASE comment.
I'd love to talk about TJs and Teresa's but for this assignment in  particular- it needs to stay in the 215.

Also- beer reps if you know your beer is being used in a dish- please email me or comment.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday;)


A Very Happy New Year's Eve @ Varga

Here you can find the menu to the Dogfish Head Dinner @ Varga Bar to bid adieu to 2009 and welcome the next decade.

2 seatings 6pm and 8pm
$75 a head
RSVP already:

Open Bar Package 10 till 1 am
$65 a a head
20 beers on tap/all Liquor!
Champers at midnight
Chili and cheesesteaks served at 1

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas-=-

I had to stay home last night due to an ear infection.  I'm not able to drive. My equilibrium is all sorts of out of whack.  It was the first time I missed the Sharp (my sister's in-laws) Christmas Eve party in 4 years.

So here I am alone on Christmas Eve, on antibiotics, terribly depressed.
I decided now that I live back in South Philly I should do the seven fishes minus six fishes.
I went to Whole Foods and got swordfish for one.  I created my own rub with smoked paprika, thyme, white pepper, oregano, and black pepper.  I found some spinach, sundried tomatoes and some orecchiette  around and there it was. For a mere $7 I ate like a queen. Maybe next year I will add six more fishes(and hopefully six more people).

I watched "It's a Wonderful Life," and thought about mine. I thought about my struggle for sanity this week as I accidentally ran a red light (and got a $119 ticket) and then locked my keys and purse in my car the next day. By the time Thursday came around-my ear infection was in full effect and I was the opposite.  I was like,"is Christmas really tomorrow?" By 2 pm I was headed to the emergency room of Jefferson.  I couldn't take the pain and figured I shouldn't just let an infection be stirring around my body.

The emergency room was a disaster.  I had to wait for two nurses to stop gossiping for thirty minutes before the one came in to talk to me. Ronnie was her name. Ronnie was chewing gum and calling me "babe." Merry Christmas Eve. I was so annoyed.

I got over it and myself quickly and tried to relax from then on the rest of the evening.
I had a brief visit from my friend Megan. She was sharing stories of her crazy family -they cheered me up a bit. Then-I woke up to a text/picture message this morning of my nephew William holding up a pink piece of Construction paper. I knew right away that meant that the lil nugget in my sister in law's belly is going to be a little girl.  I have four nephews so this is a big, welcome surprise.

I can't wait to see them in a few hours.
Enjoy the day with your families- even if half of them are crazy.  Hopefully you'll toast each other with great beer.
So much can change in a year.
Your entire world actually. Maybe you're in a new job,or have a new special person in your life, maybe you got married, or stopped being married, maybe you ran your first marathon, or your first mile.  Maybe you lost or gained a few pounds, maybe you gained a new pup, perhaps a new perspective.

The year is drawing to a close- I always see this week as a time of reflection and renewal.
This year has been a very hectic one-right up to yesterday.
I'm waiting for that quiet moment.

"You only live once-but if you work it right, once is enough"
-Joe. E. Lewis

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve to all.
My ear is aching. Jefferson closed at 12. So I am off the the ER.
The pain might go away, but it might not.
If I get put on antibiotics no beer for the holidays.

If you remember last Christmas I found a dead opposum blocking me from my laundry.
This Christmas I have a bad ear. (It's the right one)
But I am very grateful for everything and everyone in my life.

Cheers to you and yours.
Brian O'Reilly told me to have a blessed holiday.  I like that.  And I recylce that onto all of you.

December 23, 2009

Yesterday was the Anniversary of Steve "ninja" Mashington's Birth.

What a magnificent event took place on December 22, 19**

Steve "Pickled Ginger Big Red Mittens" Smashington came into the world...just full of opinions, antics, and dare I say all around "awesomeness"

He's special. A very special hippy.
For those of you who might not know his awesomeness- he is the awesome Business Manager for YARDS.  He enjoys bacon, banjo, and tara lush in his spare time.

How did I Not see this last Wednesday? Mac's "Company" of "It's Always Sunny" has purchased Skinners

My friend Collin posted this last Wednesday on Phoodie.
Woah! Big News.
I had no idea.
This stirred up a whole bunch of comments.

Will it be touristy?
Who will miss Skinners? ( I spent ALOT of time in that bar) I had my first SLY FOX in that bar

Will they have Craft beer?

Christmas Night @ Devil's Den. blog post sponsored by Spinal Tap

Devil's Den will be opening at 7 pm on Christmas
The fire will be lit and one of the last kegs of Mad Elf will be tapped.

Here's  a video clip of Spinal Tap's "Christmas with the devil"

Hartranft-Maida Enterprises present: Kick the Keg tonight then Boxing Day on Saturday

Starting at 9 pm at both Local 44 and Memphis TapRoom-=
Kick the Keg
All beers $3 till the taps run dry.
Both establishments will be closed for Christmas Eve and Day-=- Head back to Memphis for Boxing Day on the 26th.
$1 off each beer for bringing in coats, blankets, or 3 cans of food.
Check out all the pours here

Also for anyone that reads "Philly Speaks" I am obviously not 
"Suzie W" a few of you have asked me if I am- just wanted to clarify.
I know nothing about tax stuff and Im so sweet on Brendan and Leigh.
I don't know who this person is- nor why they enjoy using my name to bash people on various blogs. I guess I should be flattered they like my name that much.
Too bad they're saying assanine things.

Sly Fox Pils included amongst Bon Appetit's 10 best artisanal canned beers

Read all about it here.

December 22, 2009

Tonight, Tomorrow

Dos Segundos Feliz Navidad with Sly Fox
only $3 Sly Christmas Ales and $1 Pork tacos!!!

At Ressureciton Ale House

Sean Hamel of Harpoon will be on hand at Resurrection Ale House with a firkin of Munich dark dry-hopped with Hops from his own Port Richmond back yard.  He'll be there starting at 3.

And if you're around this weekend-=
The Institute will have their Christmas Party alll weekend long.
Check out their website for the list.

December 21, 2009

DOS SEGUNDOS -= tomorrow night FELIZ NAVIDAD with Sly Fox

A few weeks ago Dos Segundos in Northern Libs started "New Beer Tuesdays"
They've done Lagunitas, and Ommegang-=-now it's Sly's turn.

We'll be featuring SLY FOX Christmas beer all night.
6 till?

Come by  and celebrate the season with me for a pint or two.

Best Fall/Winter beers for Bicyclists

Matt Allyn ( I don't think it's Voodoo's Matt Allyn) of put together this list of fall and winter beers for Bicyclists.

You can't get all of them in these parts...
But you can get Dogfish Head Indian Brown-= which is one of my favorites in DFH lineup.
And Gordon Grubb approved as well;)


This is my 1000th blog since starting in August of 2009.
When I saw it approaching at the beginning of December-I thought it might coincide with a "year in review" but- it arrived quicker than I had thought.

Ironically- I never thought I could have a blog.  My friend Greg had one back in 2005.  I thought, "How could he put himself out there for the world to read like that?"  Then came an August day -in which I decided I had events to share, beer experiences to share...and I should start one.

I'm kind of excited because a lot of people hand up the blog hat after a bit, but I think I am posting even more as the months go by.
Plus- our ever thriving Philly Beer World provides plenty of material. Sidecar just got a second locale in Fishtown, I know a young chap trying to start a brewpub in the Art Museum area, etc...

Hope you all enjoyed the snowy weekend.
As always, thanks for reading. Hope the new format loads up quicker in your phones.

Sly Fox promo at Dos Segundos on N. 2nd st.  Featuring Sly Fox Christmas Ale- come by if you're around.

December 19, 2009

It's Snowing... you can stay in - or you can spend the day at a bar or 3

One of my favorite Philadelphia memories is the Blizzard of 03.
Johnny Goodtimes and I spent the day at Black Sheep.  He was single at the time and macking up his own storm.

There's something very nice about not being able to do can organize photos such as the Raging Panda is doing today or you can find a bar or three, meet fellow philadelphians and co-frolic in the Winter Wonderland.

Today there are 3 events in some of the best 
Philly Beer Bars
and they're ALL for a good cause not just the destruction of your liver.

Khyber 1 pm-
Firkins with your Furry Friends
$20 gets you all you can drink cask-conditioned beer from PBC, YARDS, SLY FOX and Stoudts.

Institute 2 pm (12th and Green)
How Heather Helped the Grinch Pour Christmas

Sugar Cookies, Old Christmas Movies and
These Pours

LaRulles Cuvee Mieullere Vieux(Orvall yeast, amarillo hops 
St. Bernardas Noel 
Avec Les Bons Vieu
Pin:  Nodding Head 3C Double IPA 
Sly Fox Christmas Ale 
Sierra Nevada Celebration 
Spaten Holiday Bock 
Steamworks Spruce Goose 
Two Turtle Doves by The Bruery 
South Hampton Christmas Ale 
Stevens Point Winter Ale 
Wyerbacher Winter Ale 
He'Brew Jewbilliation 13 
Troegs Mad Elf 
Dock St. Prisoner from Hell(spiced Belgian Triple) 
Thomas Hooker Nor'Easter(Dark Lager brewed with spices

 Portion of food sales donated to Project HOME
Resurrection Ale House Christmas Party
Greys Ferry and Catherine 

All day, $1 from every beer you drink goes to Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to making sure that no kid in America grows up hungry. Click here to learn more about
Share Our Strength.
*The Pours includes
Scaldis Noel,
Brasserie DuPont Avec Les Bons Voeux,
SlyFox Christmas Ale,
Ridgeway ReindeerDroppings,
Troegs Mad Elf, and many more!

 The only bad news as that these 3 bars are nowhere near each other.  
 Looks like I am going to do a lot of walking in my pink boots today.

December 18, 2009

Turnip Soup

I had to run by the POPE yesterday to pick up a firkin tap for the Khyber's "Firkins for our Furry Friends" event tomorrow (with all these bad weather predictions- I think you should plant yourself there tomorrow afternoon)

My friend Pots was behind the bar so I figured I should saddle up to it- and take a break in the day for a ginger ale and a turnip apple soup.  I forgot that I don't care for turnips.  I like how they remind me of my beloved grandmother Pryor but I just don't like the taste.  Having said that- I did like this soup.
Doesn't it just look good?
There was some diced apples atop which broke up the soup with a bit of crunch. and only $4.50.  There are some downright INSANE soup prices in this city right now.  Nice to see you can still find a hearty bowl for under 5 bucks!

A m a z i n g

Jennie Hatton created this amazing work of art

Firkins for Our Furry Friends

Tomorrow all day at the Khyber-=-1 till 8 pm
they'll be tapping a bunch of firkins from local breweries

$20 at the door gets you a bottomless cup of these delicious beers Sly Fox Chester County Bitter, Stoudts Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout, Yards General Washington's Tavern Porter, & a vintage PBC Shackamaximum Imperial Stout.

All proceeds go directly to P.A.W.S. to help them in their efforts to save Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. So come in, get warm, & help us help PAWS!

December 17, 2009

Pretty Things than PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan and Martha from Pretty Things will be at the FOODERY tonight!
5 till 7
They're beers have been the recipient of a lot of praise.
Read all about them here.


HOW CONVENIENT -=-Right next door at Standard Tap-2nd Flr

8 pm  is my christmas shindig!!!!
You're all invited to frolic with me and the ladies of In Pursuit of Ale.
Happy Hour prices at Standard Tap until 10!!!!!

December 15, 2009

Are you a member of the "Fans of Casey Hughes" Facebook Page?

He's the most "funkariffic" guy  who also apparently likes Jack Johnson.

"As If"

This event needed any promotional assistance at all.

Sammy C will be hanging at the Grey Lodge tomorrow night for the tapping of a Shittelload of Dogfish Head Sixtels.
From Scoats:
"These will all be cool and rarely found in draft beers."

The Pours
Palo Santo Marron
Black and Blue
Midas Touch
Burton Burton
plus a Rehobeth Beach brewpub exclusive.

The Time
5 to 7 pm.

Tonight: Experience new Philly music while drinking Sly's Odyssey

I'm so freakin' tired.  Tuesdays area always hard because I bartend Monday nights then have to get up early and do the thing. It's 7:40 am. I guess I got about 5 1/2 in.

I'm listening to this song "Good Morning" from the Elevator Parade ( I keep calling it the Elephant parade by accident).  Rocco Renzetti, a POPE regular (and Ressurection Ale House Bartender) has put out his first album in five years.  He's launching it with a listening party at the POPE tonight.

It actually led me to myspace for the first time in a long time.  If you want to check it out you can do so here.  A music savvy friend of mine gave it his two thumbs up.  I agree.

SO - a line up of Sly Fox will be on at the POPE to celebrate tonight.  It'll be the FIRST sips of
Odyssey you can get in the city (Sly's culmination of the Hop Proj.  a Imperial IPA with 11 diff hops we've been brewing for 6 years). Black Raspberry Reserve, Christmas Ale, and O'Reilly's Stout all on tap.
Cans as usual too.

I've had a stressful two weeks or so-so come out and have a beer with me-=- I'll tell you all about my first Yoga Class in 6  years. 

Hope everyone's enjoying the Holiday season.

Reminder-= 12 days of Christmas @ the Coffee Bar

A few days ago I mentioned that I was totally blindsided by the fact that a coffee shop at the Radisson (17th and Locust)  was pouring bottles of some of the best craft beer around.

They're doing the 12 Days of Christmas and today is ALLAGASH TRIPLE.
For a mere $3.

If you're around Center City -you might want to stop in.  There's a coffee shop side and a bar side.
The bar side is if you veer to the right.  But technically you can drink a bottle of beer anywhere in the building-=-=so says, beer guy Steve Stetson.

That will also put you right by the Black Sheep- a lovely pub in the middle of the day- a bit much for me at night just because it gets so crowded.  They're pouring  Sly Fox Christmas Ale right now.

December 14, 2009

This Saturday-= celebrate the season and all the warm tinglies that come with it at the Ressurection Ale House

From Ressurection Ale House:

Make no plans for Saturday, December 19th, except of course to spend the day drinking excellent Christmas and Winter beers. 

The POURS include
Scaldis Noel, 
DuPont Avec Les Bons Voeux,
SlyFox Christmas Beer, 
Ridgeway Reindeer Droppings, 
Troegs Mad Elf, and many more. 

All day, $1 from every draft beer you drink goes to Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to making sure that no kid in America grows up hungry.

I'm confident that Philly beer lovers can swing two events that day
Start things off at the KHYBER where they are doing Firkins for Furry Friends.1 till 8 pm
A  special fundraiser for our friends at P.A.W.S. (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) featuring an array of cask conditioned bartop kegs of quality craft brews.  All proceeds go directly to P.A.W.S. to help them in their efforts to save Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. Brews graciously donated by Yards, Philly Brewing, & more to be announced!!

Stumbled Upon Website

Found this website of a cartooniest that sells South African Wine.
If you've have a moment-=- give a looksie

I Love, I Love, I Love my Little Calendar Girl

Tonight Monday night, at 9 pm VARGA bar will release their 2010 Varga Girl Calendar.

You'll get a chance to meet all the sweet, sassy pinups.

I am not sure what the draft line up is -but Varga always has the back tower filled with liquid gold (and brown, red and black)

Get there a bit before the crowd and grab some dinner.
If you haven't had those brussel sprouts yet- you best.
They'll change the way you feel about the wild green cabbage buds.

December 12, 2009

Hop Project

I only got to stop by the Hop Project for an hour yesterday- but there was general merriment in the air and a fantastic 2009 Odyssey.  

Good thing I had my vehicle and a sampling to hit- or else I would have been there for a bit and a bit longer.

Here's Tim, Steve and myself striking a pose at the Sly Fox P-ville Pub.

Survey says that people seemed to enjoy the Crystal and the Argentinian Cascade the most...

The aftermath of Chili Prep on Kitchen 733

Ive been in the kitchen for five hours.
I have two different chilis made.
Not sure which one I am entering.

Time for bed.


December 11, 2009

TODAY and TONIGHT-= a few beer events

Lots of stuff

*MORE COWBELL at Khyber  Meet MATT Allyn of Voodoo Brewing Co.
First tasting of Cowbell - Voodoo's Imperial Oatmeal Stout.  9% Garnished with a Cookie.

Festivities from 4-6 pm

*JOSE Pistolas starts Friday Beer get lit at lunch....go see ADAM and have a few beers.

*Don't believe the Christmas Beer Fest at the Penn Museum is sold out.
It's 6 till 9. Should be a nice, reserved tasting of some of the season's best beers from Europe and round the states.  It's $45 in advance $55 at the door and hosted by Joe Sixpack in conjunction with Philly BEER WEEK 2010.

*Kite and Key's Christmas Ales party mentioned earlier this week. 10 Christmas beers will be tapped all day.

*OR Rest up and do nothin because you've got a CHILI Cookoff to attend tomorrow at the POPE. 1-5.  Just confirmed we're tapping a firkin of Sly Fox Oatmeal stout as well!

FIND of the WEEK: The Coffee Bar Kicks off 12 Days of Christmas with Craft Beer

I like to think I know a thing or two about what's happening in the Philly beer world. But once in a while I am blindsided-=-and I was blindsided on Tuesday when I discovered that the coffee shop at the Radisson Warwick that used to be called Capriccio turned into a coffee shop/beer spot when Radisson bought it. It is now expectantly called "The Coffee Bar." With a tag line "There must be something in the coffee."

Great news is It's in the trusty hands of Steve Stetson- formerly of the South Philly Taproom and a fellow classmate of mine in the  Beer Judge Certification class.  The selection is already better than the hotel's restaurant- Tavern 17, where you might find DFH 60 minute and Flying Fish Xtra Pale- but moreso blue moon and yuengling-like company.

Bad news is they close around 8 pm on the weekdays but stay open till 10 Friday and Saturday.
No draft- but if you are a hotel guest you can even take a bottle up to your room.
I can see the brewers stocking up during their visit for Philly Beer Week 2010.

Over the course of the next 12 days- they will be featuring the 12 days of Christmas with $3 beers.
If you're in the Center city area-= you should stop by.  Full disclosure will tell you it does kind of seem like drinking beer in a coffee shop.  But I really don't mind.  At 4:30 or so the lights are dimmed and some candles are placed around the bar to try and make it a bit more bar-bar and not coffee-bar like.
They've also got some eats- like grilled cheese.


patridge in a pear tree
Ace Pear Cider
turtle doves
Bruery Two Turtle Doves
french hens
Slyfox Saison VOS
calling birds
Eel River Raven Stout
golden rings
Allagash Tripel
geese a laying
Wild Goose Snow Goose
swans a swimming
Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy
maids a milking
Lefthand Milk Stout
ladies dancing
Stoudts Scarlet Lady
lords a leaping
Unibroue Don de Dieu
pipers piping
Stone Smoked Porter
drummers drumming
Victory V-12
They'll also be serving up egg nog, cider, and cheese.

December 10, 2009

Brew Lounge's 2010 wrap up with guests-=

Bryan Kolesar is wrapping up the year with some guest wrappers- like bloggers, brewers,bar owners.

I'm today. Don't take it too seriously.  

Read here.

Thanks Bryan for the forethought to do something like this.

In Pursuit of Ale Holiday Throwdown is sort of like a party too?

I realized the other day when Steve Mashington was terribly disappointed that he wasn't invited to the In Pursuit of Ale- Holiday Throwdown and Winter Frolic at the Standard Tap-
most of you probably don't even know about it...That's a problem- because I want all of you there.

I invited all the ladies of IPA through a newsletter but I realize most of you don't get it.

This is open to as you go...get as dapper or as clapper as you like. 
Wear dungarees or a tux.  Ladies -bring a bottle for the 3rd annual bottle swap.

We'll have tunes of all sort
Great beer as Standard Tap always does...and under a disco ball-= we'll frolic the night away.
Eat if you want or don't. It's casual that way.

You can RSVP and tell me if you're coming because that will brighten my chilly December day or just show up and surprise me that night.

Foodery is right across the street if you need a bottle last minute

Sly Fox Phoenixville welcomes Hop Lovers all day tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the 14th anniversary of Sly Fox Brewpub- (well actually Dec 20) with a Hop Project Aniversary party.

All 11 Pale Ales that Sly Fox brewed throughout the year as well as ODYSSEY and ODYSSEY 08.
The hop fun starts at 11 am. 
I should get there around 2 or so.

As most of you know we are moving our original brewpub across the street next year. 
This 6 year project will remain within the walls of the old building-=-= so this will be the last time to take a seat for a few hours and appreciate the nuances of the varying varietals.

Amarillo Pale Ale - Amarillo hops have become quite popular in the craft beer world.…

Argentinean Cascade Pale Ale - The latest hop project creation was brewed with the popular…

Boadicea Pale Ale - The first of of our new Hop Project Pale ales brewed with a…

Columbus Pale Ale - Columbus is a domestically grown variety with a very high alpha…

Crystal Pale Ale - A low alpha hop grown primarily in Oregon which was first released…

Liberty Pale Ale - The 4th of this year's Hop Project beers brewed exclusively…

Marynka Pale Ale - The latest varietal from the Hop Project brewed with a hop grown…

Palisade Pale Ale - Palisade hops have moderate bittering potential but are used…

Sovereign Pale Ale - A newer low alpha British hop that is not that commonly used…

WGV Pale Ale - The seventh release in this year's Hop Project brewed with an…

Willamette Pale Ale - Willamette is an American grown hybrid of the British hop Fuggle…

December 9, 2009

Got the crockpot-= now I gotta make some chili but what kind?

this Saturday Dec. 12th  1 pm
POPE at Passyunk and Dickinson
Cook off with ladies from IN pursuit of Ale and POPE regulars-=-=

$5 gets you unlimited chili
top notch taps including Dfh 120 min IPA and Oreilly's Stout - great chili beer-=-

Kite and Key throw a Christmas Party this Friday

10 Holiday beers hit the
Kite and the Key tower this FRIDAY

The Pours include:

Great Divid Hibernation
Port Brewing's Santa's Little Helper
Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi
Troegs Mad Elf
Sly Fox Christmas and More

6 pm
19th and Callowhill

It's also the big Christmas Fest at the Penn Museum
More info on that over here....

Sly Fox teams up with Johnny Good Times for Quizzo @ the Black Sheep tonight

I'll be at the Black Sheep tonight (by 17th and Locust) for quizzo with Johnny GoodTimes.
Johnny Goodtimes is a good friend of Sly Fox.

He's even running a Bad Christmas Story Contest right now- where you can win  a big bottle of Sly Fox Christmas amongst other things.  Read more details here.

If you're going to come by and play quizzo tonight...I suggest you get there by 7 or 7:30 before the place fills up.

Black Sheep is pouring our Christmas ale right now. It'll be featured tonight.

Hope to see you then.
enjoy the sog.

December 8, 2009

Good Dog 6th Anniversary Party Group Shot-=-

And Lance and Spence with their Man Love.
Too bad Lance's arm is blocking the vision of a very tipsy Paul.

If you're not eating my chili this Saturday- head to Iron Hill Newark for "Cask and you Shall Recieve."

This Saturday starting as 12 noon...just about 50 minutes outside Philly- Head Brewer Justin Sproul and Iron Hill Newark will be tappin' a whole lotta cASk.  Many from Iron Hill- but also from friends in the industry like Stewarts, YARDS, and Sly Fox.  It is their annual BREWER'S RESERVE
The drive down goes by're mostly on I-95.

$1 for 4 0z sample
$15 for Pitchers


Yards - General Washington Tavern Porter
Nodding Head - 700 level
Troegs - Hop Back Amber
Sly Fox - Chester County Bitter
Stewarts - Glacier IPA
Flying Fish - Imperial Belgian Mild
Stoudts - Fat Lady (blend of fat dog and scarlet lady)
Victory - Hop Wallop
Iron Hill Newark - English IPA
Iron Hill West Chester - Russian Imperial Stout
Iron Hill Lancaster - Afternoon Delight Imp. Coffee Porter
Iron Hill North Wales - Anvil Ale
Iron Hill Wilmington - Scrooge American IPA

PYT Burger of the Week and Golden Monkey Mania

Was just reading over at Foobooz that PYT is doing a burger of the week.
This week is 

Tijuana Burger 
a burger seasoned with chili and cayenne topped with Pepper Jack cheese, guacamole, tortilla strips and choice of spicy salsa verde or mild roasted chipotle salsa.
The mexi-cali burger is served with a side of Mexican streen corn and fries.

This has come at the perfect time since I have a SLY FOX FIRKIN night AT Swift Half on Thursday.
I think I have post-firkin burger plans on the other side of the Piazza at PYT.

I probably won't want a pint of Golden Monkey- but I can think of plenty of other people that will.
Word on the street is PYT does $3 GM pints during lunch and happy hour. Last time I was in there they had Stone IPA on tap.  I'll gladly welcome a pint of that.

December 7, 2009

House Dry-Aged Ribeye @ Varga BAR tonight

Got this message from Rich Varga today:

hey. just wanted to give you a heads up if you are interested, we are serving a 28 day dry-aged ribeye...that we dry-aged in house as a dinner special TONIGHT!

I have to bartend....but if you're around 10th and Spruce it sounds gooooood.

December 6, 2009

MONDAY night= OATMEAL stout Firkin @ BRIDGIDS

Bridgids is celebrating half way to BEER WEEK 2010 all week long.
Plenty of specials, unique beers (they tapped Ommegang adoration last Friday)
They're doing vertical tastings of holiday beers- all sorts of stuff.

BUT tomorrow night I will approach with increased anticipation as it involves Sly Fox.
We will be tapping a firkin of . Oatmeal Stout-=-A one-off from the Brewpub.

Come join us 6 pm.

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