January 26, 2010

Boulder, Paper, Scissors with Boulder Brewing at MAD Mex this Fri,

I was kind of excited because I thought I had no plans on Friday... but then this popped up in my facebook events today.

Boulder, Paper, Scissors
MAD MEX (3401 Walnut St)

8 till 11

I don't make it into University City enough.  After having such a great time with the MAd MEx folks out in Pittsburgh two weeks ago I think I will make it a point to pop over more often.

This will be part of an ongoing series of Boulder, paper, scissors promos that will culminate during a big championship during Philly Beer Week.

For those of you who might not be aware. I was the 36th seed in the Philly Rock Paper Scissors Championship series in 2007 under the alias "Sassy Kick some Assy".  All this tournament action was taking place in the infancy of my relationship with Lance Romance.  How could he resist a young lady with such roshambo skills?

As far as the pours....the advertisement mentions Boulder's Mojo Risin IPA but I am sure there will be others.
Photo above: IPA beerclub rock paper scissors night Summer 2007 or 8 not sure.

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