January 22, 2010

In Pursuit of Ale POTLUCK @ YARDS Thurs 1/28

Ladies of In Pursuit of Ale are hosting their first POTLUCK at YARDS next Thursday (instead of usual Wed) at 6:30.

It's a MIXER.
All dudes are welcome you just have to pay an extra buck for beer.

Most beers are reduced to $3 for ladies and $4 for lads.  Beers like TJ will be more.

Please email me at beerlass@gmail.com and tell me what you're whipping up.

I am organizing it soo we have a little bit of everything....apps, entrees, salads, and sweets.

If you've never been out to a meeting before-= this is the perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect opportunity to come.

and YARDS has just opened their tasting room to the public. 
Rumor has it they have a bowling alley bar top!  
Here are some other fun facts about YARDS from their website
  • Pennsylvania's first 100% wind-powered brewery
  • Current production capacity of 12,000 barrels a year
  • Hot water collected and recycled whenever possible
  • All glass and cardboard recycled through Pedal Co-Op
  • Grains and dregs donated to local farms as feed
  • Earthen clay walls in the Tasting Room
  • Floors made from recycled concrete and coated in SoyCrete sustainable compound

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