January 7, 2010

IPA BEER club meeting at Dos Segundos was a big freakin hit!

Don't have much time...gots to run to Bucks County- but a quick blog to share the mexican success that was IPA Beer Club at Dos Segundos last night.

I think throughout the night we had 18 women come.  At one point there was 15 of us there.

The food was great-though spicy.  Fro those of you who have eaten with me in the last month- I've ordered a lot of fish and vegetarian entrees.  I made up for it last night with some buffalo (as is sauce) fried pork cheeks.  I only made it through two and then offered them around because I could handle the spice and my heart couldn't handle the thought.

A lot of the ladies enjoyed the YARDS tavern spruce (as did I and always have).  I was taking it easy so I only had a small glass of that and a small glass of smuttynose winter- which I didn't enjoy as much as I thought I would.

I bought a a big bottle of Cigar City's Winter Warmer Warmer Winter- which I poured around for all the ladies.  It was an old ale chockfull of chocolate character.  I enjoyed it a lot but with an abv attached of 10% I wasn't able to drink that much of it. Plus given my impromptu tour de Tom Peters the night prior I wasn't going to be drinking too much of anything.  I told Lance he kidnapped me.  He said it probably wasn't too much of a struggle.

The best part of last  night was the fact that 7 new women came out for the first time.  One because her boyfriend really wanted her to (i think she did too) another said she had wanted to come to a meeting for a while because none of her girlfriends drink beer.

Made me feel good that what I started in June of 2006 still has weight and importance and isn't stopping anytime soon.

Our next meeting will be at YARDS brewing co.  It'll be on a Thursday instead of a Wed and it will start at 6 so we can get tours.
I also think it's gonna be a mixer and if Smashington approves- perhaps a Potluck as well!

Enjoy the day.

PS:  Lance and I are taking off to NYC tomorrow.  We're staying in SOHO- if you have any suggestions other than the beer bars we already know and love please email or comment.

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  1. You may have already been, BUT if you get the chance to head over to Brooklyn, check out Bar Great Harry and/or PAcific Standard. Both awesome.