January 28, 2010

IPA POTLUCK Party tonight!

Hey all-=-=

Were 7 hours away from the first In Pursuit of Ale Potluck.
My roast pork is roasting.  The sharp provolone is purchased...now all I need is about 50 Martins Rolls.
I think I've got about 25 dishes all day.

Its pay as you go for beers
$3 for ladies $4 for lads

If you want to come and don't have a dish that's quite alright.
Just show up any time after 6:30 but don't hog all the grub.

There's an 8-track player. So if you have any 8-tracks please bring em.

Ill probably have a donation thing out so we can raise money to tip our buffet guard.
He'll keep it clean and tidy for us all night.

See you after 6:30.
For  those of you who haven't been yet -It's 901 N. Delaware Ave. About 1/4 mile north of spring garden.

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