January 17, 2010

A sprinkle if you will...Adam Ritter gives me the go ahead on a teaser. Consider yourself teased

I had the pleasure of stopping by Adam and Jennifer Ritter's upcoming Fishtown Watering Hole on Thursday.  Located at the corner of Girard and Montgomery, this will keep Fishtonians VERY happy and fed well in their fishbowl.

I'll be sharing a bit on the menu and the layout as time goes on but for right now....Ritter said I could share a "sprinkle," a tease.

So here it is --the corner of the bistro.

What you see here is what's left of some old wall paper that actually had velour floral detail that was then covered in polyurethene. The upclose is very cool.  You will see this and those fun disc lights throughout the bar.

Aesthetically, it's going to have a different feel from the Ritter's first bar, Sidecar- but the concept of a being a good neighborhood bar...that shouldn't change.  Guests will actually be encouraged to sit together.  And the beautiful bar itself will lend to a lot of neighbor watching....

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